Monday, April 29, 2013

Who wants to help me move?!?!

More good news...

We put in an offer for a house today and they ACCEPTED our offer! Now we are just waiting on our home inspection to clear and if all goes well, WE WILL BE FIRST TIME HOMEBUYERS!!!!!! We are sooooo excited.

SOOO... Who wants to help us move?!?! ;) ;) Since you know, this preggo can't lift anything ;) Plus, manual labor is NOT my friend.

Front of the house
Those are some ddaaarrrkkkk wood floors right there
Some interesting decor on the breakfast bar... Hmmm 
Glad they were willing to part with their fridge so we don't have to buy a new one
Nice granite countertops and dark wood cabinets
Game room (V thinks it's going to be his man cave... But, little does he know, its our new play room for baby!)
Cute covered patio
It's the perfect size and fit for us and we are crossing our fingers that all goes well with it, so we can move in before the babes makes his/her arrival!

Do you have a favorite room in your house? What do you love most about your casa?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Calling all mommies and my first bumpdate!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I updated! First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for all of the congratulations! Me and the hubby are SOO excited to bring this baby into the world and have I mentioned that i'm already completely obsessed with this baby?! I've been waiting SOOOOOO long!

I am 11 WEEKS along today! Not long before i'm out of my FIRST TRIMESTER! So far, so good! I've been really lucky because I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea. Life is pretty good right now and just hope that this pregnancy continues smoothly!

The only thing cramping my style?? The fact that I already look like i'm 20357457 weeks pregnant! Please tell me i'm not the only one who shows this early on. It's getting pretty ridiculous because already none of my clothes fit! Any good recommendations on inexpensive maternity clothes?

Here's my babes at 9 weeks along

Looking huge already at 11 weeks, eek! 

How Far Along?
11 Weeks
Baby Cav is the size of a fig

Weight Gain?
Oh goodness, I don't even want to weigh myself

Maternity Clothes?
Finally bit the bullet and purchased a pair of black dress pants... and oh my goodness, I wish I could wear them every day, soo comfy! 

I wish I was doing more... This exhaustion & fatigue is KILLING me! 

Fatigue, bloating, exhaustion, peeing 100 times a day, but i'll take all of that opposed to morning sickness. So lucky that I haven't had ANY morning sickness or nausea! 

I can hardly keep my eyes open. I've been coming home from work early (about 5:30 opposed to my usual 7 pm) and I usually fall asleep by 9-10 pm and lately i've been falling asleep with my light on, phone in my hand.

Food Cravings?
Anything & everything that's bad for you, i've craved it

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick?
Nope! Feeling good :)

SOO anxious to find out!

Nope, but I can't wait until I feel this baby a movin' & a groovin'

What You Miss?
ENERGY! And caffeine, red bull, 5 hour energy shots, ha

 Excited and nervous. 

Best Moment of the Week?
Just talking about the baby with V... For someone who never really wanted to have kids until after 30, he's been soo sweet and soo loving to me and baby Cav. I love how excited he is about this babes to make his/her arrival! 

All mommies out there-

Give me your best advice on pregnancy and baby necessities, as well as where you purchased maternity clothes (needing them already!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

And now an IMPORTANT message from my dogs, Bella & Lola :)

And now for a few outtakes (mainly Bella!)

Yup, you read that correctly folks....

Me and Vince are PREGNANT!
Okay, not really Vince, really its only me. But, I guess he is a part of this equation as well.

I'm just a tad premature to share my good news, but we are SOO excited we can hardly keep the news to ourselves! (Although, the Facebook & Instagram world and my extended family won't know until later this week, so please if you are friends with either of us on Facebook or Instagram, please wait to post anything until after the REAL world finds out!) 

And here is something to make you laugh, I sent my parents and siblings the picture above of Bella and Lola to share our good news (don't worry, I was also on the phone with them when I told them I was sending them a text, then hung up and told them to call me back once they got it.)

Here is what my dad wrote me before he called:

He really thought I was getting another dog... HA. Silly Daddy.