Sunday, February 17, 2013

I would say the hubs knows me pretty well...

I saw this link up while surfing another blog... And I just KNEW I had to link up (and thankfully, the link is still up for another 6 days! YAY! As I saw on another blog, V's answers are bolded and mine are just regular.

Now, let's get this party started and see how well he know's me. ;)

1. How long have you been married?
C: Almost 4 years
V: Going on 4 years 

2. Where was your first date?

C: Halloween?? (He commented 'was that a date though?!!?!?')
V: Olive Garden

3. Where was your first kiss?

C: My house (before I kicked him out for answering his phone, haha!)
V: My apartment  

4. Who first said, "I love you"?

C: He did!
V: Me? (After a long pause...) 

5. What were your wedding colors?

C: Hot pink and orange
V: The ones on the cake???? Orange and Red? (He's wrong...)

6. What is her most commonly used phrase?

C: Dude
V: Really (I say that a lot too, haha) 

7.Who is her celebrity crush?

C: Justin Bieber 
V: Justin Bieber (A little too quick to answer this one, haha!) 

8. If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?

C: I would get a Cranberry Vodka and he would get a Crown & Coke
V: Cait would get a Chardonnay and I would get a beer
(We are both right technically...)

9. What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?

C: Chicken Marsala - and i'm sure he'll get it right because this is about all I can cook, ha!
V: Chicken Marsala

10. What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?

C: Everything other than Chicken Marsala (I bet he'll say 'nothing')
V: I don't think she's had a worse meal...?

11. What is the most-played song on her iPod?

C: I'm not sure but i'm sure it's an Eminem song!
V: Anything Bieber or Eminem.

12. What would she say is your most annoying habit?

C: Falling asleep on the couch! 
V: Falling asleep on the couch

13. What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?

C: Read the news on my phone
V: Reads the news 

14. What would you say is your favorite thing about her?

C: My sense of humor
V: Her blue eyes

15. What's her go-to drink at Starbucks?

C: Carmel Macchiato
V: Carmel Macchiato 

16. What's her blog's name?!

C: He better get this right... A day in the life
V: A day in the life

I would have to say the hubs did pretty good!! I guess he does know me pretty well ;) He kinda laughed about this blog post because he just doesn't understand the blogging world! I mentioned to him a while ago that I wanted him to guest post on this here blog and he laughed and said 'nooooooo thankkksss!'

Go link up and see how well your hubby knows you!   

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sissy & Biggy do H-Town

If you haven't figured out by now, I live in the great state of Texas and have lived here going on 4 years (has it seriously been that long? Ohhh emmm geee!)

My big brother, Michael, also lives in the great state of Texas and a mere 3 1/2 hours away from me over yonder in the good ole' ATX (That's Austin for all you non-Texans out there!) We used to be bitter enemies growing up. Hello, one of the "gifts" he put on his christmas list was for me to die. Numerous years in a row. Did I mention that I wasn't allowed to wear TANK TOPS around my brother because he was so stinkin' overprotective? Oh yeah and I might have left out the time he stood in my parents front yard with a baseball bat and a golf club to meet one of my recent (at the time) ex-boyfriends. He might of also called that same ex boyfriend and cussed him out on his PARENTS HOME ANSWERING MACHINE. To put it mildly, he was a TAD overprotective. Who are we kidding, he was a pretty big douchebag.

BUUUT, we get along just swimmingly now that we are older (and more mature!) He is my best friend and the first person I go to with just about anything.

So, you would INFER that I see him fairly often since he lives so close, right? Well, DING DING DING, you are right! I have road tripped to the ATX in the neighborhood of 15-20 times in the last 4 years. It's to the point where I know all of my brothers friends. They call me to hang out when they are in Houston. Hell, I'm even invited on weekend trips to the beach house in Galveston with his best friend (without him there.) I'm pretty tight with his clique.

Now, let's INFER how many times that fabulous big brother of mine has come to Houston to visit his freakin-amazing little sista. Do you have any guesses?

Well, i'll just tell you...


Yes, you read that correctly. My biggy has not ONCE visited me since I have lived in Houston (uggh, the audacity of that man!)


Over Christmas break, I wasn't able to take one of my gifts home (pots and pans) because they wouldn't fit in the hubs car, so my brother graciously offered to take them home for me and told me that I could come visit and get them whenever. So, a few weeks ago I asked him when he was free for me to come visit.

I ABOUT FELL OVER IN MY CHAIR AND CHOKED ON WHATEVER I WAS EATING (because choking makes this a better story, of course) because that big brother of mine OFFERED TO COME TO HOUSTON FOR THE WEEKEND.

Yeah, I was pretty shocked myself. But, on Friday, who came a knockin' on my front door? None other than my Biggy and his fiance, Karina!

We ended up staying the weekend at a Marriott hotel in the Galleria and had the BEST. TIME. EVER! My brother is hilarious and it's always a good time when we're together. I just need to apologize to my liver for all the booze that was drank this past weekend. DETOX TIMMMMME!

I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. This is a pretty good summary of what happens when Biggy and Sissy (that's me!) do H-Town!

Friday night we hit up Woodrows and met up with one of my best friends from the first college I went to. She recently moved down south and this was the first time we were able to get together! SO happy to see her!
That's some brotherly/sisterly love right therrrr
Just the beginning of our crazy 2 mile walk home from the bars... Karina was pretty annoyed with us. And I should preface by saying that my brother is a crazy drunk.
I can make a photo-op outta annnnnything

Lookin' like tools and matching together. MUHAHAHA.
On our walk home... Nice hair, huh
Blurry, but I laugh hysterically when I see this
...Karina's still annoyed

Saturday morning before the Brewery tour

At Saint Arnolds Brewery

Me & Hubs at the Brewery
I made him pose in front of the "Michael" sign hahahaah.
Soon to be sisters... She'll officially become a Galligan in December! 
Thanks for taking the weekend off to hang with us Hubby!
Sissy & Biggy :)
He gets the award for the best biggy EVVA
It was a rough Sunday morning... Can'tcha tell? :-\

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That one time I hung out some really awesome bloggers IRL

A few weeks ago we had our January Houston Blogger meetup! I love getting the chance to hang out with some of my favorite Houston bloggers (and meet new HTown girls!) I am SO blessed to be a part of an awesome group of woman bloggers, many of whom I consider very good friends of mine! There is NEVER a dull moment when i'm around these ladies! It's amazing the feeling of really connecting with someone without even meeting them in person. That's my favorite thing about blogging... The relationships you form with the people whose blogs you read. Plus, it's always good to attend a meetup and find new blogs to read!!!! And there are still a few bloggers out there that I can't wait to meet (I think I have a lot of trips that need to be planned since some of my favorites don't live in the Houston area. :( WAH!)

Thanks Meg for being a fantastic photographer! You roccckkk! (All pictures were taken stolen from her) ;)

Darby graciously agreed to host this months meetup in her brand spankin' new house. Thanks Whitney for organizing everything and for Bree for leading our bracelet craft (which by the way, I just noticed last night that my freaking dog CHEWED UP MY BRACELET. How dare she! Doesn't she know how long it freaking took me to wrap and then RE-WRAP that dang thing? Shame on her!) And of course thanks to Meg for being a badass photographer and takin' some smoking headshots of me! :)

Like I said, we made awesome bracelets as our craft (I like to consider them friendship badass blogger bracelets - hey, that's an alliteration!) 

We were like a herd of wild elephants makin' a mad dash to get the color of our choice. It was almost like  I was competing for a new TV on black friday!

Showing off her amazing bracelet & telling us that it's a breeze to make!
Listening intently... Like all good students do, right? HA!

I needed intense concentration after messing it up on round 1... whoops!
Showing off the goods
Northsidazzzz fooo lyf
Love these ladies
It almost looks like we're showing off our guns
Fabulous photog and fellow teacha

Dee Zee love! Love me some Delta Zeta sista's!

The girls being typical bloggers... The camera is everywhere. It's almost like the paparazzi! 

And here is the time that Meg made me look ridiculously good looking (I swear she works miracles with that lens!) 

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Do you attend blogger meetups? What do you like best about meeting fellow bloggers IRL?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Let's visit CARMEL!

Linking up with two of my favorite girls, Tiffany at The Austin Family Diary and Lauren at Life. Love. Lauren for Tuesday Topics and this week we are talking about OUR HOMETOWNS and our TOP 5 HOMETOWN ACTIVITIES!!!

I am OBSESSED with my hometown of Carmel, Indiana! Apparently I am not the only one obsessed with Carmel because it was ranked the #1 BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN 2012 according to Money Magazine!

Best Places to Live 2012

The next time you're in central Indiana, stop on by Carmel, Indiana and visit all the amazing things my city has to offer :)

Carmel is known for having the highest number of roundabouts in the country with just about 80 across the city. There are only a handful of traffic lights around my city. (They even have a yearly International Conference on Roundabouts!)

All intersections look like this now with the "bridge" being the roundabout above (see pic. below)
Better angle of the roundabout.


You will also see a LOOOOT of these wooden statues around

The largest high school in Indiana with over 4,500 students. The campus sits on 56 acres of land with the school being 3 stories tall and 22 acres big... Imagine walking across one end of the school to the other during passing period!


The Palladium first opened it's doors in January 2011. It's the ideal place to watch a broadway musical, enjoy theatre and opera as well as concerts by big musical groups.

This amazing community center first opened in 2005. It is a 161 acre park that has everything from a three level fitness center, 10 acre indoor/outdoor water park, fishing pond, skate park with after school enrichment programs.

I was SO lucky to be born and raised in Carmel and I can't say enough good things about my hometown!!!!!!!