Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Life VERSUS Blog Life

I don't post my link on my personal facebook page.

I don't have a facebook page for my blog.

I don't usually mention blogging in real life (unless of course it's with the hubs or when i'm hanging out with my blog turned real life friends)

Am I the only person who hasn't merged their real life with their blogging life?

It's not like I don't want my IRL friends to know that I blog.

I think it's maybe that I don't want my friends to "read" about my life. Or know how I feel behind closed doors? I make it a point to be pretty happy and put on a pretty good facade at school.

I'm not sure I want people to ACTUALLY know how I felt. And i'm just uncomfortable with my friends (or co-workers - even though MAJORITY of them I consider pretty CLOSE friends now) to read about all of my feelings and thoughts about school.

Even though I try to be mostly vague when writing about school (which is unfortunate, because there are SOO many things I WISH I could write about and get advice about when it comes to my occupation.) But, I also know what could and has happened to bloggers who blog about students, administration, co-workers, etc... THEY'RE FIRED.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Or the only one who keeps their BLOGGING life SEPARATE from their REAL life? If you do keep them separate, why? If you don't keep them separate, why? Thoughts?

What this leads me to is the fact that many of my Blog friends have turned into REAL friends, which I am SOOO very thankful for! That was one of the other main reasons why I started this blog... To connect to other people. To form relationships. To have that immediate connection to someone. I am SO lucky that I have those relationships now. And I hope to form MANY, MANY more with other bloggers!

I met up with some FABULOUS bloggers last night for the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday Party hosted by Megan at Greetings from Texas! Thanks for having us Do or Dye TX!

Here is proof that a GRRREEEATTT time was had by all! 

The first blog friends I met in real life (over the summer) SO thankful for them! 

Having a great time! Jenn and Lindsay 

Drinks in hand is a must! Jenn & Selena

Delta Zeta girls from Indiana, Texas & South Carolina... We missed you Darby!

Love her :)

Linds & Meg 

Teachers unite :)

It's not a holiday party until Santa arrives! 

Me & Breanna

Typical blog picture :)

All in all, it was a great night! Missed hanging out with & seeing all these girls! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

To CUT or Not To CUT??

Everyday I go back and forth on whether I want to grow my hairs out or chop all them hairs off (majority of the time it's the latter of the two!)

I haven't had a haircut in <GASP> about 16+ months. I know, I know, I am SOO awful. And honestly, there's really no reason why it's been that long. Okay, actually there is a few reasons.

1. I work too much and usually don't leave work till 7:30 pm or later during the week and majority of places are closed by then.

2. Most "good" places aren't open on the weekends (WTF is up with that? Don't they realize we (and we meaning I) gotta make that dough during the week??)

3. The four haircuts I have gotten since living in Texas have been pretty lackluster (and that's putting it lightly.) I have been to 4 DIFFERENT places to get those 4 haircuts. None of those places or stylists "WOW'ed" me. And none of those haircuts have been anything to "ohh" and "ahh" about.

4. I really, REALLY don't want to pay an arm and a leg for someone to cut these luscious locks (did you like that idiom I just used?)

What it REALLY comes down to is the fact that i'm really just too lazy to get my ass motivated to get a haircut. Yup, that's the truth.

Unfortunately, i'm at my breaking point now. If I don't get a haircut STAT, I think I might go all Britney Spears on my hair and I may be looking like this the next time you hear from me...

And we ALLLLLL know that we don't want that. Plus, it doesn't exactly flatter my face shape. But, my hair is pretty much doing this every day....

SHEDDING! (Okay, maybe not THAT much...) But, my hair is sooo dry and brittle and has been breaking and I feel like I shed more than my poochies do (and that's pretty redic!)

SOOO... Here is my dilemma that I need all your amazing opinions on...


Short Hairrrrr'z:


Medium Hairrrr'z:



A little background on my hairzzz:
-It grows really fast
-I am in no way attached to my hair. At. All.
-I have curly/wavy hair and it's thicker than a mofo
-As it is now, it takes 40 minutes to DRY and another 40 to straighten
-I have a shiiiiiiiit tonnnnnn of hair


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why yes, I am still alive and kickin'...

PHEW, has it really been THAT long since I last updated? I am such a bad blogger! I have put blogging on my FOREVER LONG LIST OF TO-DO'S... and well, I still haven't accomplished 5 of the 2305734957 things on that list, so you can probably use those inference skills to infer what number blogging was on the list. (Well, even if it was #6, I still wouldn't have gotten to it yet...) ANYWAYS!

It's finally THANKSGIVING BREAK and I am happy to say that I have the WHOLE WEEK OFF! Except... the fact that I went into school yesterday for 5 hours and today for 6 hours. I hate myselffffffff.

Did ya'll hear that the Biebs and Seleneeeeer (as its pronounced according to Nicki Minaj. Have I mentioned the fact that I hate Nicki? Because I totallllllly do!) broke up?

Yeah and did you also hear that they got back together like a day later? It's kind of like those couples who get mad at each other and delete their relationship on facebook and two days later they are "back in a relationship" (and no, it's not like I ever did this back in the day or anything...)

Oh yeah and why is it that every time I log onto facebook ANOTHER "friend" is pregnant? Because it's totally happening and I am not too happy about it. If you want me to have baby fever, I already do. But now all you peeps are popping some kiddos out and i'm still hanging with my poochies? Totally not acceptable to me (but totally acceptable to the hubs!) Some day... SOMMMEEE DAYYYY (right?)

I am pretty pissed off that I missed the christmas episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (why yes, I do love that show. Don't hate!) UGH! I have been waiting for that show to come back on and of course I see the commercial and don't even pay attention to one day the special airs. Next thing yah know, IT'S OVER AND I HAVE NOT WATCHED IT. FML.

Now that i'm on Thanksgiving break... Whose gonna start counting down to Christmas Break with me?

And speaking of Christmas... You should probably put my birthday on your calendar right now. In case you didn't know, my birth is a national holiday. (Okay, fine, I guess MLK can celebrate my birth & share the day with me...) Yup, I am that freaking fabulous that the whole world just needed my birthday off to celebrate me. So, I take check, cash and enormous amounts of gifts. Please plan your life accordingly and you're lucky that I let you know 2 months in advance.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Brrr... Brrr... and more BRRR! CHRISTMAS DOS!!!!!

For starters, I am NOT a big fan of this weather. Can you tell that I have gotten accustomed to my gorgeous Texas sun that I tend to forget that I am from up north where snow is the norm? Well, newsflash snowy Indiana, I am no longer a northerner and I can NOT take this winter weather (okay, who am I kidding. It was only 66 degrees....) But, I had a skirt on today.... and tights.... and I swear my sweater was very light. I promise i'm not THAT much of a wimp (okay, who am I kidding again... Yes I am. And i'm okay with it!)

So bloggy world, I have a little bit of a secret to share with you. As you know, I am a Bieber fanatic. I am proud of my love for Justin freaking Bieber.

Okay, I am KIND of proud of my obsession. I was supppppper stoked to get my new iPhone case. I really was. Yet.... when I got to work today, I made sure that everytime I took my phone out, that you weren't able to see my case. I mean, not EVERYONE needs to know about me and the Biebsy. Awful fan? Possibly.

Did I mention my dislike for cold weather? Because I seriously am not a big fan (for the 224957304853045th time!) But, what I AM a fan of is...

The fact that in a few short months I will be on my way to the said above cold weather. I am SOOO excited to go home for the holidays with the hubs. Biggy's fiance, Karina, is coming to the Naptown for Christmas this year (for the first time!) If she can survive through Christmas Dos, then she may just be a true Galligan after all.

In case you aren't sure what Christmas Dos is. I'll let you in on one of the most famous and biggest holidays in the world Galligan household. It was the day my middle brother, Mathew, was born. He was brought into this fabulous world the day after Christmas (unfortunate for him. Completely jipped with presents. -- Is jipped even a word? Because it apparently isn't, according to the red lines underneath it right now.) I can hardly contain my excitement to reunited with my fam-damily.

In all seriousness, please say a prayer for my family. My Grandma (Dad's mom has been VERY sick and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about a year ago) It's been heartbreaking for my dad who doesn't live close to her (he is the only one who doesn't live back in Minnesota where he is from. His other 8 siblings all still live there.) My uncle called a few days ago and told him that Grandma said she was ready to go. So, my parents rented a car and within a day they were on the road, traveling the 10 1/2 hours to Minnesota. As if you can't already tell, we are an EXTREMELY close knit family and it's been just terrible not being able to be there with her and see her.

I feel so blessed because my wedding was the last family gathering/get together that she was able to attend as "herself." She became very sick right after my wedding and about a year later she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her health has been going downhill ever since then... and quickly.

My family including Grandpa (my mom's dad) and Grandma (my dad's mom)
At my wedding with 6 of her sons, 5 grandsons and her brother, Bishop Pates, who officiated our wedding
The last family photo/most recent photo of the Galligans. We are still missing about 1/3 of us though.
Seriously one of my favorite pictures from the wedding, my brothers walking her down the aisle. I love the way Biggy is looking at her!

A few short months later and she just wasn't herself. She was hospitalized and could no longer walk and could barely talk. I just can't believe how FAST her health deteriorated and how fast disease can take a hold of you. 

This was her thumbs up to Biggy and Karina on their engagement last year. 
Poppy and Grams at Mathew's Law School graduation

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hubs is in charge of kids?!?!!?!!?!?

About a month ago I somehow coerced the hubs to take a Saturday off to chaperone a school field trip with me. I purposely left out the fact that he would be in charge of his OWN group of kids. I then proceeded to tell him how one of my friends (a fellow teacher), her boyfriend lost one of the kids at the Astro's game a few years ago when he chaperoned. I then smiled and told him he'd be fine. ;)

V came and visited my classroom last year during Wax Museum (one of my proudest moment!) and he was able to experience first hand the stress I go through on a daily basis being in charge of and mothering 100+ darlings a day. It was definitely an eye opening experience for him!

Like I said, I somehow convinced him that it would be a GREAT afternoon and that the only kiddos allowed to go on the field trip were the ones who had somehow managed to not get an office referral or be absent. None of my students had ever been to a college football game, so it was a great experience for them! I told V to let me know if he still wanted to have kids after the crazy afternoon... Good news! HE STILL DOES! :)

The kiddos were fabulous and so well behaved. I was one proud teacher! :) And hubs survived and passed the "taking care of children" test with flying colors... Baby here we comeeeeeeee!!!!!

This week is drug free awareness week and of course I have school spirit and participate in everything (and attend everything... Allstar teacher right herrrr!) Today was NEON day...

Of course I decided to break out my bright yellow skirt (that's been sitting in my closet with the tags still attached. You may recognize it from one of my outfit posts from the beg. of the year - never wore it until today!) Obviously I wasn't the only one who decided that yellow and pink would be perfect... Two of my favorite girls had the same thoughts I did this morning while getting dressed... TRIPLETS!!!

P.S. I spent an ungodly amount of money on clothes I reallllllly needed over the weekend. I can't wait to post outfit pictures (I may attempt the hubs taking the pictures again - but we all remember how big of an epic fail it was last time!)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters & Purchase of the WEEK!

I am linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's letters!

Dear Friday - I could not be any more excited that you showed up. I have been thinking about you since LAST Friday and have been counting down the days until I am FINALLY able to SLEEP more than 2 hours a night.

Dear eBay - I would really appreciate it if you would put a little pep in your shipping step, eBay! This girl needs her new Justin Bieber iPhone case. Oh yes, yes, I did. You surely did read that correctly. Hubby thinks I am redic when I told him that I seriously wanted a new phone case. And that I certainly DID want it to have Justin Biebers face on it. Well, what can I tell you, hubs just can't deny my beautiful charm and we jumped right on to my FAVORITE website, eBay and less than 10 minutes later, a Justin Bieber iPhone case was on it's way to my humble abode (okay, maybe 12 hours later, but that's besides the point!)

Dear Self - Stop stressing yourself out. Take a breath. Stop trying to do so much. Do something for yourself for once, because you deserve it. Stop trying to go "above and beyond" when you know that it will always fall on deaf ears. It's not appreciated the way it should be (or acknowledged in the least), so stop trying to save the world. Stress creates lines in your face, and we all know that's not a pretty sight, so STOP. (or you may just become an alcoholic after some of the days you have had!)

Dear Justin Timberlake - A part of me actually died when I heard that you started your glorious new life with (gasp) a WIFE. While I think you made a great decision (since after all, I am a married woman, so you had to settle for your second best, right??) I am still a tad bummed that you ever broke up with BSpears

Okay, so maybe your sense of fashion wasn't right on par in the 90's (a matter of fact, it's pretty atrocious actually.) But, have no fear, I forgive your fashion faux pas. (Kinda.) (Okay, not really.)

Dear Hair - I promise that I will stop neglecting you & schedule a little TLC for you SOON. I can't believe it's been over A YEAR since I have had you cut (gasp, I know, I am pretty redic.) If life were not so crazy, I promise it wouldn't have taken this long to get my shit together. Forgive me. Wah.

Dear Readers - I was pretty surprised that I actually had followers with how awful I have been at blogging, responding to comments and commenting/let alone reading other blogs. I am actually strongly considering deleting this little space of the interweb I like to call my BLOG. But, every time I do, I think of all the wonderful people I have met through this said here blog and I know that you forgive me for my lack of blog etiquette and still love me anyways. Well, at least I hope you do. If you don't, keep your thoughts to yourself. Because if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all ;) 

I'll leave you with this...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

JOIN THE SWAP!!!!! ... Lovin' those Houston bloggers... and farewell Glitzy the pig.

As a lot of you know, I got started blogging after reading my mother-in-law's blogs and the hubs step sister's blogs and I absolutely fell in love! After being a 'fly on the wall' and reading various blogs, I decided to take the plunge and create my own... And that was the start of my beautiful blog, A day in the life (of me, duuuuh!)

I am SOO excited that my MIL is hosting her FIRST swap!!!! And what's better is that it is a BRACELET SWAP!!! Of course I am obsessed with all things related to hip and inexpensive jewelry and I knew I couldn't pass this swap up!

SOOO, I think that you need to make your way over to Deniece's blog What Mimi loves and join in the swap (plus, you may get ME as your partner and you know that I will surely send you something AWESOME... as well as other goodies, of course!!!!) All of the details are on her blog so make sure to comment and let her know that you want to join!!! The more people to join, the better the swap!!

You have until Saturday, October 6 at midnight to join!!!

Thanks Deniece for creating this awesome swap! Love you & can't wait to see you over Christmas!!!

Don't forget to visit Deniece's blog at What Mimi loves

P.S. Did I mention how freaking EXCITED I am that I get to see some of my favorite Houston blogging women this weekend at our October meet-up? I can't wait because I miss you girls like wooooah, especially since I wasn't able to attend the Symposium last month! :( Love you girls & I am so glad that I have had the privilege to form such strong friendships with some of the most amazing women Houston, Texas has to offer!

Sorority Sisters!

P.S.S. Is anyone else so sad that Honey Boo Boo got rid Glitzy the pig & that People magazine actually published an article about the sad event? I mean come on, i'm sure we have ALL just dreamed of owning a pig... right? ... wrong. But, still, I can't believe that People actually cared enough (wasn't anything else going on in the reality world? No new RPatz gossip? Kim K and Kanye news? GIIIIVVVEEE MEEE A BRREEEAKKK!)

Visit People Magazine's article here... FAREWELL GLITZY!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My indecisive self needs YOUR help!

I was blogging through the bloggy'sphere last night when I came across a fellow Houston Blogger's page, Fabulous But Evil. Tara had just scored the most gorgeous dress from eShakti and I just knew I had to check out the website for myself. If you want to see the dress Tara got, head on over to here blog and read the post A Blue Dress.

So, of course I fell in love with every. single. thing on the website (go figure, right?) That's why I just try and STAY away from sites like that because if I don't, I end up wanting (and sometimes buying) E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Well, everything is unfortunately not in the cards right now (lame! But, you're welcome hubby because I'm sure you'll stumble across this post & be so proud about my self control ;), right?!)

BUUT, since I signed up I automatically got a $20 off coupon. So OF COUUURSE I just HAVVVEE to buy something, right?


Now I need you guys, my fellow dear readers, to help me pick a dress! I have it narrowed down to two choices. I love vibrant colors and wanted something fun and something that I would be able to wear to work.

Sooooo, without further ado, here are my two choices:

I was immediately drawn to this dress because of the color. Like I said, I love bright colors! I also really like the neckline of this dress (but it may be a little TOO deep of a V for work.) To me, this is more of a summer dress. (Although, I don't do seasons - hello, I live in Texas - and secondly, I wear what I want WHEN I WANT, regardless if it's "not in season." So, knowing me, I would probably rock this anytime of the year, haha!)


I love this dress as well! I love the two tone black and white the best and the colorful butterflies are just an added bonus. This is more of a winter dress to me (but I think it just screams winter because of the black and white of the dress.) I love the details in this though and think it would look AMAZING with colored tights and my black boots! (which by the way, I can't wait to wear. I almost debated breaking them out next week, I mean it is 66 degrees when I leave for work in the morning... That's boot weather, right? Okay, okay, okay, in all honesty, I wouldn't REALLY rock them in public yet - but that doesn't mean I can't do it in the privacy of my own home. My dogs don't judge.)

So fabulous readers, what do you think? I am such a bad decision maker (and totally indecisive) and ONE of you out there have to be a good decision maker and make the dress buying decision for me (or at least give me your input!) 

Have any of you ever ordered from eShakti before? What are your thoughts on the company? I have heard mixed reviews, but I love the fact that they customize their clothing.