Monday, October 29, 2012

Brrr... Brrr... and more BRRR! CHRISTMAS DOS!!!!!

For starters, I am NOT a big fan of this weather. Can you tell that I have gotten accustomed to my gorgeous Texas sun that I tend to forget that I am from up north where snow is the norm? Well, newsflash snowy Indiana, I am no longer a northerner and I can NOT take this winter weather (okay, who am I kidding. It was only 66 degrees....) But, I had a skirt on today.... and tights.... and I swear my sweater was very light. I promise i'm not THAT much of a wimp (okay, who am I kidding again... Yes I am. And i'm okay with it!)

So bloggy world, I have a little bit of a secret to share with you. As you know, I am a Bieber fanatic. I am proud of my love for Justin freaking Bieber.

Okay, I am KIND of proud of my obsession. I was supppppper stoked to get my new iPhone case. I really was. Yet.... when I got to work today, I made sure that everytime I took my phone out, that you weren't able to see my case. I mean, not EVERYONE needs to know about me and the Biebsy. Awful fan? Possibly.

Did I mention my dislike for cold weather? Because I seriously am not a big fan (for the 224957304853045th time!) But, what I AM a fan of is...

The fact that in a few short months I will be on my way to the said above cold weather. I am SOOO excited to go home for the holidays with the hubs. Biggy's fiance, Karina, is coming to the Naptown for Christmas this year (for the first time!) If she can survive through Christmas Dos, then she may just be a true Galligan after all.

In case you aren't sure what Christmas Dos is. I'll let you in on one of the most famous and biggest holidays in the world Galligan household. It was the day my middle brother, Mathew, was born. He was brought into this fabulous world the day after Christmas (unfortunate for him. Completely jipped with presents. -- Is jipped even a word? Because it apparently isn't, according to the red lines underneath it right now.) I can hardly contain my excitement to reunited with my fam-damily.

In all seriousness, please say a prayer for my family. My Grandma (Dad's mom has been VERY sick and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about a year ago) It's been heartbreaking for my dad who doesn't live close to her (he is the only one who doesn't live back in Minnesota where he is from. His other 8 siblings all still live there.) My uncle called a few days ago and told him that Grandma said she was ready to go. So, my parents rented a car and within a day they were on the road, traveling the 10 1/2 hours to Minnesota. As if you can't already tell, we are an EXTREMELY close knit family and it's been just terrible not being able to be there with her and see her.

I feel so blessed because my wedding was the last family gathering/get together that she was able to attend as "herself." She became very sick right after my wedding and about a year later she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and her health has been going downhill ever since then... and quickly.

My family including Grandpa (my mom's dad) and Grandma (my dad's mom)
At my wedding with 6 of her sons, 5 grandsons and her brother, Bishop Pates, who officiated our wedding
The last family photo/most recent photo of the Galligans. We are still missing about 1/3 of us though.
Seriously one of my favorite pictures from the wedding, my brothers walking her down the aisle. I love the way Biggy is looking at her!

A few short months later and she just wasn't herself. She was hospitalized and could no longer walk and could barely talk. I just can't believe how FAST her health deteriorated and how fast disease can take a hold of you. 

This was her thumbs up to Biggy and Karina on their engagement last year. 
Poppy and Grams at Mathew's Law School graduation


  1. Oh my goodness. Your grandmother looks so sweet! I never knew either of my grandfathers, and I've already lost both grandmothers. Such amazing people.

    And I feel your brother's pain. My birthday is Christmas Eve. It's just not fair!!

  2. Aww Grandma! This happened to John's Grandma too. It is so heartbreaking. I'm so sorry C! At least you have all these pictures to go along with all the great memories! I'm praying for you guys!

  3. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I truly sympathize with you! Prayers for your family!

  4. Praying for your family girl! thanks for stopping by yesterday :-) I love your adorable blog!

  5. I will be praying for your family.

    Also, where can I catch a glimpse of this Bieber case?

  6. So sorry about your grandmother. My MIL went downhill fast she was never the same. We will be praying for you guys :)

  7. I'm from Jersey but I hate the snow and cold weather, too. I'm with you on that!

    Beautiful family, beautiful pictures.

    I'm praying your Grandma holds on for a little while longer. People tend to know when they just can't fight anymore. But I hope your Grandma is pain free and remains surrounded by her fantastic family.


  8. 1.) Dying for you owls. Soooo cute!!

    2.) Sending lots of happy thoughts and prayers out for your family!! So sorry to hear things have progressed so quickly, stay strong and enjoy the time you have together.

  9. aww sorry to hear about your grandmother. I don't really know my grandparents (as both sets live in El Salvador, central America and dad's dad died before I was born and mom's mom died when I was in high school). But I have loved getting to know my husband's grandmother. Great wedding pictures and man you have a huge family...I can't imagine that!!!

  10. I love your blog layout!!!! You are so talented with it!! MUST give me tips - especially with pictures.

  11. this is the sweetest post ever. your Grandma looks adorable and the thumbs up is awesome!
    my thoughts are with you guys and your family, I couldn't imagine dealing with Alzheimer's, it would be so hard...