Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Pictures!!

Tonight we had our friends Katy and Ross come over to TRY and take our Christmas picture so we can get those out in the mail this week. I could not believe how ROTTEN our dogs were! Bella was a terror.... Is this how it's going to be once we have kids? Am I going to get stuck with the child who throws a fit all the time?? Lola on the other hand, was a delight! Very well behaved and did exactly what she was asked. 

Here are some of OUTAKES!!! (I am NOT posting the picture we chose though!) :)

Lola was such a good girl!

Me and V :)

Again... And no he wasn't crying (He has horrible allergies!)

Definitely did NOT pick this pose... We look soo awkward!

Well, it's back to work I go tomorrow! But, only 3 WEEKS until I'm on CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My first Pinterest craft & ramblings

After talking to my mother-in-law (Check out her blog HERE!) today and seeing her love of crafting, I decided that I was FINALLY going to attempt a craft from Pinterest (One I have been wanting to do for weeks now!)

Here is the original idea:

I knew that I wanted to change it up a bit, so here is my final product!

Please ignore the pencil lines still on the wall! I wish I had a better camera, because I swear it looks better in person! But, I am pretty pleased with it. For my first 'craft', I think it turned out alright!

I started by buying the wood letters and painting the sides black. Then I mod-podged scrapbook paper on the wood (red and cream to match our black/cream damask bedspread and red to match our accent pillows and curtains!) Then I bought flowers and glued them together and glued a diamond jewel in the middle and glued them to the letters. I then glued 4 diamond jewels on the letters themselves.

I am hoping that during Christmas break, I will come home EXTRA crafty after hanging out with my mother-in-law!!!!!! :)

*Other life happenings....

I am on THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! We have 9 DAYS OFF of school!!! I couldn't be happier, I needed a break BADLY!!!!

While sitting at home the other night BORED while V worked, I decided that I was going to dye my hair DARK BROWN. I was getting sick of my blonde hair (although, I was happy that it no longer had highlights in it, so minimal upkeep!) But, I decided to change it up and dye it DAAAARK. I am soo excited to see what my students say on Monday!!!!!

Here is a picture of my hair before (blonde!!!)

A few weeks ago - Me and V at a Halloween party!
This was the most RECENT picture I could find

And here I am NOW (brunette!!)

DARK hair! :)
I'll try and post a better picture tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More than just a TEACHER

We definitely don't get enough credit... I think I deserve a raise!! ;)

I surely do love all 98 of my precious babies and I am proud to be their TEACHER!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A new addition to our family!

For months me and Vince have been talking about either A. getting another dog or B. having a baby.... Well, guess what won out........

Welcome to our fabulous little family Lola! Lola is a 3 year old Dachshund/Lab?/Beagle? She is about 20 pounds and a beautiful bundle of joy!!

So, we have to wait a little longer on the baby, but we couldn't be happier with our decision! We love Lola so much already... Vince went and got her yesterday at the Humane Society. She was only $25 because she was "extended stay" which means that she had been there for so long, that if no one wanted her, she would be put to sleep! I am SOO happy that we were able to save this little pooch's life! I guess when Vince went to the Human Society yesterday, he just clicked with Lola when he saw her. She was so anxious to get out that after he put her back in her kennel and went to the front to sign adoption papers, she got out of her kennel and ran to the front and jumped on Vince!!! 

Lola and Bella have been getting along pretty well, but I feel bad for Bella. I don't want her to feel ignored (it's like first child syndrome! Haha!) But, I know that they will get along and love each other like sisters do ;) 

Our beautiful fur babies - Lola and Bella

We can't wait to see you grow, Lola! And we are so happy that we are your forever home!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I will always be a Galligan at heart!

I was just thinking about how it's been 3 months since I have been back in Austin. I can't even explain how happy it makes me having my brother only a 4 hour trip away! Me and Vince are hoping to make the trip to Austin for Thanksgiving. He hasn't been there in almost 2 years! I probably go once every 2 months to visit Michael and Karina!

I seriously have the BEST family in the entire world! I have two of the MOST AMAZING parents in the universe (who have been happily married for almost 32 years now!) I can only hope that me and Vince have a long and happy marriage like they do!! I know i'm pretty biased since they belong to me. But, I REALLY miss them being so far away! It's nice to have Michael close to me, but, I miss having the 5 of us together all the time! It's sad to think we are all split up right now - Michael in Austin, Mathew in Denver and Mom and Pops in Indiana.

My parents were such wonderful providers for our family growing up! My Dad really worked hard so my mom could stay at home with us. They didn't have very many rules for us (now that I think of it, I didn't really have any at all!) That could have been a bad thing, but it worked out for us! They let us make our own mistakes... And now look at us! Michael is a GM of the Marriott in Austin and Mathew graduated from Law School in Minnesota last May and is now a practicing LAWYER in Denver! I am so proud of all of us! 

Both of my brothers are my VERY best friends in the world. We are a crazy trio when we are together!  It's crazy to think of how much we all fought when we were younger (okay, how much they fought with ME! They got along great growing up!) I am SOO lucky to have the two best friends in my life.... My big brothers, my heros, my protectors!

God blessed me with an amazing family!!! How did I get SOO lucky???

Thank you Mom and Dad for being great parents!!!

Me, Mathew and Michael in Minnesota for Grandma's 80th birthday

Mathew, me and Michael - Christmas 2007

Of course Mathew didn't cut his hair OR shave for my wedding.. But, he did a week later for PHISH TOUR! What a hippy :)

Best. Parents. Ever!

Love my Momma Bear!!

One of my FAVORITE wedding pictures... I love how happy I am dancing with my Daddy!!!!!!!

Family :)

How classy... Mom and Dad gave us all KEG PONG for Christmas!

Me, Michael and Mathew on Christms Dos - Mathew's birthday is the day after Christmas. So, we call his birthday Christmas Dos!

Before Michael moved to Austin - they a bit to drink that night. Haha

A weekend home from college at USI

My favorite picture of me and Michael!

Mathews graduation from Purdue.. Then he graduated from IUPUI a year later with a FOURTH degree! Smarty pants!

Mathews graduation!

In Minnesota

I love my Poppyseed! 

Like Mother, like daughter... Wine-o's!

I love this picture!!!!! Mom and Dad in their 30's!

Again... I love pictures of them when they were younger!

At my Grandpa's house in Minnesota!

A little of this and a little of that!

Vince is 26!!

We celebrated Vince's birthday on Tuesday by going to dinner at Stir Crazy and getting ice-cream at Berripop! We had a wonderful night!! Yesterday, Vince got his new grill! I will have to post pictures later. It's AWESOME, he even cooked us delicious burgers last night! I am SO happy that I was able to spend my FIFTH (or is it sixth??) birthday with Vince!! Happy Birthday babe - here's to many more birthday celebrations together!

I got another case of bad news this week - A text from my brother, Michael, letting me know that his friend Rob had to have immediate surgery because they found a brain tumor. Still awaiting on news as to how he is doing. He was a very close friend of our family while I was growing up. 

On a good note, Dad made it safely to Minnesota! My uncle Brian text me this morning asking if I had time to FaceTime. I was SO happy to be able to video chat on my phone with my Dad, Uncles Brian and Tim, Aunts Kate and Marsha and especially GRANDMA!!!! She wasn't looking very good, but, it was so nice to see her smiling face! God is so good to be able to give my Dad the chance to spend time with her and his family up there!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating a life!

I got an unfortunate phone call from my mom today. She told me that my dad will be driving to Minnesota (again! He drove there a month ago) to visit with my grandma who is very sick with Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is so sad to think that just a few years ago at my wedding, my grandma was up dancing and laughing with all of us.

The last year has been a very big struggle for my family. Especially for my dad who is one of 8 children and the only person who doesn't live close to my grandma in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I just pray that my dad finds the strength that I know God is giving him! I hope he can enjoy his visit with his mom, brothers and sisters. Please say a prayer for my dad while he makes the 16 hour drive to St. Paul on Friday, after working a 12 hour shift at work.....

Just a FEEEEW of the Galligan's at our wedding with my lovely Grandma in the middle!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just another day in paradise

Today one of my students gave me a present. It touched my heart! 

My present... A delicious apple!! 
It's amazing the difference between my 5th graders this year and my 6th graders last year. It's crazy how much can change in one short year! I am really enjoying my students this year, which is a HUGE change from last year! I just hope the rest of the year goes this smoothly!! I was so nervous for the change, but God has really blessed me with a good opportunity to educate these babies!! (They are still babies to me!) :)

This weekend I am going to help the Delta Zetas at the University of Houston with sorority recruitment. I am SOO excited! I miss my sisters so much! I can't wait to be back on a college campus and helping the wonderful women of Delta Zeta! I also can't wait for Bid Day to see the new baby turtles joining this amazing sisterhood!

Here are some recent pictures....

Bella in her stunna shades!
Me and V in San Antonio, TX for our 2 year wedding anniversary!
San Antonio, TX
GIRLS WEEKEND in San Antonio... It was a blast! I love the girls I work with!
Wine and game night with my lovely work girls! I am so blessed with such amazing friends and co-workers!


Friday, September 9, 2011

My first post!

Everyone has a blog, so I decided that I wanted to create one too! Hopefully, I find some interesting things to write about!

It was a very long and stressful day, but when I got home from work, Vince surprised me with a dozen red roses "just because!" What a wonderful husband I have!

Also, Lauren had her precious baby girl this morning... Welcome to the world Haley Anne!

**Please say a prayer for my brother Michael. His dog, Althea, is very sick. She had a seizure early this week and they found a brain tumor. They are only giving her 7-10 days to live. We are all taking it very hard, she is such a wonderful dog!

Here is a picture of Althea (left) with Bella (right) when Bella was still a baby. This was Bella's first trip to Austin to meet Uncle Michael and Cousin Althea!