Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My first Pinterest craft & ramblings

After talking to my mother-in-law (Check out her blog HERE!) today and seeing her love of crafting, I decided that I was FINALLY going to attempt a craft from Pinterest (One I have been wanting to do for weeks now!)

Here is the original idea:

I knew that I wanted to change it up a bit, so here is my final product!

Please ignore the pencil lines still on the wall! I wish I had a better camera, because I swear it looks better in person! But, I am pretty pleased with it. For my first 'craft', I think it turned out alright!

I started by buying the wood letters and painting the sides black. Then I mod-podged scrapbook paper on the wood (red and cream to match our black/cream damask bedspread and red to match our accent pillows and curtains!) Then I bought flowers and glued them together and glued a diamond jewel in the middle and glued them to the letters. I then glued 4 diamond jewels on the letters themselves.

I am hoping that during Christmas break, I will come home EXTRA crafty after hanging out with my mother-in-law!!!!!! :)

*Other life happenings....

I am on THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! We have 9 DAYS OFF of school!!! I couldn't be happier, I needed a break BADLY!!!!

While sitting at home the other night BORED while V worked, I decided that I was going to dye my hair DARK BROWN. I was getting sick of my blonde hair (although, I was happy that it no longer had highlights in it, so minimal upkeep!) But, I decided to change it up and dye it DAAAARK. I am soo excited to see what my students say on Monday!!!!!

Here is a picture of my hair before (blonde!!!)

A few weeks ago - Me and V at a Halloween party!
This was the most RECENT picture I could find

And here I am NOW (brunette!!)

DARK hair! :)
I'll try and post a better picture tomorrow!


  1. I love this craft. OMG! You did such a great job. It is perfect for your room. I'm trying to plan a craft for us when you come home. Can't wait to see you guys. Thanks for the comments. My girls saw it on Facebook and loved it too.

  2. U and V are so cute together! I Love it mr and mrs craft so so adorbs!!