Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Life VERSUS Blog Life

I don't post my link on my personal facebook page.

I don't have a facebook page for my blog.

I don't usually mention blogging in real life (unless of course it's with the hubs or when i'm hanging out with my blog turned real life friends)

Am I the only person who hasn't merged their real life with their blogging life?

It's not like I don't want my IRL friends to know that I blog.

I think it's maybe that I don't want my friends to "read" about my life. Or know how I feel behind closed doors? I make it a point to be pretty happy and put on a pretty good facade at school.

I'm not sure I want people to ACTUALLY know how I felt. And i'm just uncomfortable with my friends (or co-workers - even though MAJORITY of them I consider pretty CLOSE friends now) to read about all of my feelings and thoughts about school.

Even though I try to be mostly vague when writing about school (which is unfortunate, because there are SOO many things I WISH I could write about and get advice about when it comes to my occupation.) But, I also know what could and has happened to bloggers who blog about students, administration, co-workers, etc... THEY'RE FIRED.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Or the only one who keeps their BLOGGING life SEPARATE from their REAL life? If you do keep them separate, why? If you don't keep them separate, why? Thoughts?

What this leads me to is the fact that many of my Blog friends have turned into REAL friends, which I am SOOO very thankful for! That was one of the other main reasons why I started this blog... To connect to other people. To form relationships. To have that immediate connection to someone. I am SO lucky that I have those relationships now. And I hope to form MANY, MANY more with other bloggers!

I met up with some FABULOUS bloggers last night for the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday Party hosted by Megan at Greetings from Texas! Thanks for having us Do or Dye TX!

Here is proof that a GRRREEEATTT time was had by all! 

The first blog friends I met in real life (over the summer) SO thankful for them! 

Having a great time! Jenn and Lindsay 

Drinks in hand is a must! Jenn & Selena

Delta Zeta girls from Indiana, Texas & South Carolina... We missed you Darby!

Love her :)

Linds & Meg 

Teachers unite :)

It's not a holiday party until Santa arrives! 

Me & Breanna

Typical blog picture :)

All in all, it was a great night! Missed hanging out with & seeing all these girls! 


  1. This is awesome! I so wish I could have gone. I love that last picture; it's so perfect.

    Family and friends know about my blog but co-workers don't (I don't even friend them on FB) just because that's me trying to be "professional" lol

  2. You're not the only one that keeps your blog private buddy! I have shared mine with a few close friends, but that's all. I would never post it on my personal facebook page either, because I don't want all my facebook "friends" to read my thoughts ha. It took me a while to go semi-public, but I'm glad I did. I felt like I was keeping this huge secret from my friends/family for a while lol.

    You looked so cute at the blogger event! Loved your outfit!

  3. Only a few of my close friends, my husband and my sister know that I blog. I don't really have an answer as to why more people close to me don't know that I blog. I have never put on my fb anything about it. I don't have any social media linked to my blog.
    Jealous of your blogger meet up!! I'm from MO and I haven't come across many MO or in the area bloggers other than my RL friends that also blog.

  4. You're not alone! My fiance knows I blog and one of my good friends knows that I blog and that's about it. I don't know why I keep it private, but that's the way it's been so far.

    Totally jealous about your blogger meet up! I love your outfit! Super cute. :)

  5. You are not alone. I don't talk about blogging with my real life friends. I don't share much of my on line life with friends or family. A while back I said something on twitter that my brother's now fiancé took the wrong way and it turned my life and relationship with my family. I think that is why I feel the need to keep the 2 separate. Sometimes I feel more connected with my blogger friends b/c of what I share on blog about my real life and real feelings.

  6. Loveee all the pics. :))

    Yeah. I know what you mean. I have a lot of friends that know about my blog, I'm not sure if any of them read it or not... Idk I think for me... I don't want my IRL friends/acquaintances just to read my blog to be nosy and judgmental about my thoughts I post on my blog. So. I used to post links to my blog posts on my blog FB page, and I still might since I want my blog to grow. But... idk, I think if you share it more than you just have to figure out where to draw the line on what you post on your blog.

    If you don't want to share it with them then don't! A blog is for you to express yourself however you want, and not care what anyone else thinks. So only share it with the people YOU want. :) Until the others find out anyways... lol

  7. I'm the same way. I don't talk about blogging unless it's with my blogger gals who I know IRL. My fam thinks its kinda weird. My blog doesn't have a huge following so why should I make a FB page for it? I like having an outlet where I can be as real as I want to be. It's easier for me to write out my feelings that say it (that might be weird).

    BTW....LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit!!! Looks like you gals had a great night!

  8. I have very few close friends who know about my blog. And one of them that does know about it, loved one of my posts so much she put it on HER facebook and tagged me in it. I untagged myself. :/ It just feels so freakin awkward!

  9. Like you, I keep my blog life and my personal life somewhat separate. My closest friends know about my blog, and I'm friends with a number of bloggers IRL... But I don't link my blog to my personal Facebook page in any way. For me, it's about my lack of comfort in having my coworkers and more distant friends know all of my business, which gets posted on the blog (of course). Maybe someday I'll get more open about it but I'm happy to keep some distance between my real and blog lives for now!

  10. For me--I'm one of those people who tells everybody that I blog. But it all depends on your purpose in blogging, I think, and that helps determine how comfortable you are with talking about it. I blog because I want to be a published writer, and I want to develop and audience for my writing. Probably if I was blogging just so that I could vent and say what's on my mind at any given moment, I probably wouldn't be so open about my blog to the "real world"

  11. I post my link everywhere. I feel like really only the ppl that care about me will read it anyway. I'm sure most of my fb friends don't even give it a glance. All your blogger meetups look like so much fun!

  12. i keep my blog life private. well, only my best friend and my husband knows. i'm not blogging for business, but for personal fun and i don't know why, i just dont need "friends" from FB reading my thoughts (even though they could find it anyway) and giving them a reason to talk about me? so why do i do it, knowing that anyone can stumble upon it? i just like to, and sometimes you can connect more with people you don't even know, who are willing to listen (bloggers) than actual-real life friends.

  13. I completely keep my blog life and real life separate. I started blogging because I had a lot of major stressors in my life at the time and needed an escape/hobby. It helps me deal with that stress because some of it is still going on. I also don't really post about my job because I really don't want any negative consequences. But...on the rare occasion that I do mention my job...the last thing I want is for a lot of people I know to read and hear about it haha.

  14. We FINALLY got to hang out again! Yipee! That party was so much fun! Let's make sure we plan that dog park date soon. I can't wait to be a dog parent for a day. ;) Love ya, girl! I'm happy that I'm one of the few who are part of your real life-blog life merge!

  15. Oh I totally understand what you mean about keeping things separate. I don't mind writing for myself and everyone I don't know or don't know yet, but it kinda weirds me out thinking coworkers or friends may read (other than the friends I told about the blog).

  16. I am so jealous of your blog meet up! looks like so much fun!

    no one in my real life besides my family and the bf know about my blog. I just think it would be so weird for all my friends to know! I would love to tell a couple but it makes me so nervous! my blogs like my diary haha

  17. I don't have a link to my blog on my FB anymore. I don't really want people reading what I have to write...people have used it against me before. I used to have a page for my blog, but I deleted that too. I don't blame you...I'm right there with you!

    Blogger meet up looks fun!! I don't know any South Carolina bloggers, so I don't hear of any meet ups around here. I would definitely go to one though!

  18. You are not alone...actually blogging is my secret life...No one besides my cousin knows the link. I eventually told the husband a year after I started blogging because he was getting suspicious of my online activity and how I would close my lap top when he got close.

    Gosh I am jealous you have met some bloggers in real life!! Lucky gal!

  19. A few friends and family know about my blog, but I don't broadcast it on Facebook. I just don't want the drama because someone read something and took it out of complete context.

  20. you're darling! love your blog and now following. xo
    ps come enter our great giveaway we have going on!

  21. Im on the same boat!!! Id say majority of my friends do not know about my blog except for about a handful do! :) But very happy with all the new ladies I've "met" including you!

  22. I think your feelings are very normal... I don't blog as much about personal feelings, but I still would rather not have my colleagues read my blog. It's hard to achieve, but I think there is a balance between the real world and your online world :)

  23. I don't blog about school except the random funny story now and then that I would not be afraid to tell a parent. Usually just cute/funny things my little ones say. NO NAMES EVA! Oh and I don't tell any of my friends or co-workers about my blog, but my mother does and therefore now the world knows. lol Like random long lost cousins and teachers from where I grew up starting FBing me about it. lol I think as teachers the best thing is to not be negative on the friend Farley who blogs at OhBoyFourthGrade is really successful teacher blogger and I like how she handles things. But she also gets parent permission to posts pics!