Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to REALITY. Woof.

Me & hubs had to hitch a flight back to reality today. BOO. Why can't it be vacation EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? I wouldn't mind... No, not at all. Except for the whole gaining 100000 POUNDS and eating/drinking everything in sight. I need to detox. Which is probably good because it REALLY is back to reality since I go back to work Monday. WOOF. 

P.S. I missed my blog & blog friends A LAWT, A LAWT, A LAWTTTT!

Here is a re-cap of my week in paradise:

After snorkeling with SEA TURTLES & STINGRAYS! AMAZING!
At the Cenote... AKA Sinkhole! So beautiful
Chichen Itza!

Meet our new friend Dave.... I have a LOT of good stories about Dave

Bye Bye Moon Palace... I promise that it won't be another 3 years until we meet again!
It's back to reality we go :(

I will make sure to update you all on our travels tomorrow... I promise you won't want to miss our fabulous stories about DAVE (with more pictures so that you get the FULL EFFECT of the hilarity!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again... [and in sings Bear from Armageddon in his deeeep voice] leeeavvvvinggggg on a jet plane, don't know when i'll be back again.

Which is a lie because I DO know when i'll be back again.....

NEXT FRIDAY! (The smart thing to do would have been to get some people to guest post, glad I thought of that at 3:12 am the morning I leave, huh).

Please send some prayers for AWESOME weather! I keep checking it daily and it's supposed to rain EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And not some little spotty shower, a full fledge, 60-70% chance of rain... Did I mention that is EVVVERY. SINGGGLLE. DAYYY?!

Oh well.. Any vacation is better than no vacation, right? Don't miss me TOO much.. Heck, what am I saying, please do miss me while i'm gone!


*All pictures are from our honeymoon 3+ years ago! We are going back to the same resort we stayed at!*

What I plan on doing:

What I plan on drinking:

What I plan on eating (a lot of):

I plan on finishing these this time(Good thing its an all inclusive resort!):

I plan on spending time with this man:

I plan on enjoying this place (a second time!) as much as I did the first time:
Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

If You REALLY Knew Me... Blah Blah Blahhhhh!

Let me start by saying... Who remembers that awesome outfit I tried to put together the other day? Anybody also remember how I got AWFUL cuts on my feet from those super cute wedges? Well, this morning I woke up with my heels itching SO bad and it sucked because I couldn't scratch thek, because if I did, well, it would just open my beauty battle wound and the cycle would continue. Cuts. Scab. ITCH! Re-open battle wound. And really, how attractive is gushing bloody heels? Anywho....

I have seen everyone and their mom [okay, maybe not EVERYONE'S mom, but i'm sure there are a few of them out there in bloggy land!] doing the whole IF YOU REALLLLLLLY KNEW ME thing... So, of course, like the original person I am, I decided to jump on that bandwagon. Because I am just that... original. Right? Right!


If you REALLY knew me, you would know that....

*I always wanted to be a teacher... But, I struggled in Math (hello, this teacher still counts on her fingers) & ended up failing freshman year Math. I continued to struggle until someone saw potential in me. My sophomore Math teacher wrote me a note telling me that I could succeed & he believed in meHe changed my life. (But, I still don't Math... thank god I don't teach it!)

*I'm a natural blonde... But, I change my hair color almost monthly.

*I am IN LOVE with Justin Bieber. No joke. Earlier this summer, when his new CD came out, I made Hubs go out to Best Buy as soon as it opened to buy the CD. If I wasn't married I would probably be the next Mariah Yeater Mrs. Bieber.

*I am OBSESSED with serial killers. Need to know anything about Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy? I'm your go to girl... Never know when you may need that useless amazing information the next time you're on Jeopardy!

*I get motion sickness. I once had to get off the FERRIS WHEEL at a CHURCH FESTIVAL because I thought I was going to throw up and/or pass out (come on, this was one tame crazy church festival. The ferris wheel was going at least 10 50 MPH).

*I am very sarcastic. To everyone. At any time. There are still times when Hubs isn't sure if i'm being sarcastic or serious.


*I want a baby MORE. THAN. ANYTHING. I'm trying to be patient & have faith that God will let me know when he's ready to bless me with one...

*I was a total frat rat while in college. My boyfriend (at the time) was a Phi Delt. My best friend was the Phi Delt president. My ex boyfriend was a Phi Delt. Oh yeah, and then I married a Phi Delt. See the correlation? I may have rocked those Phi Delta Theta letters more than my own sororities letters.

*I am directionally challenged. IN. EVERY. SENSE. OF. THE WORD. I can't get myself around Houston, let alone the city I grew up in.

*Fried Chicken creeps me out. So does anything with filling inside (jelly doughnuts, ding dongs, twinkies, anyone remember zebra cakes from back in the day??)

*My parents grew up next door to each other. They have been married for almost 35 years. My dad has 8 siblings and my mom has 7 siblings. All but two are married with 3+ kids. No one in my family has ever been divorced.

*I never had a job in college. I consider my job NOW as the first job I have ever had (Being a lifeguard for a summer in HS doesn't count.) I should probably play the lottery to pay off my gazillion dollars of student loans.

*I backpacked across Italy and was robbed 5 minutes after entering Milan, the first stop of our trip, before even leaving the train station. Talk about a big ole' bumma!

*I hate wine. SIIIIIKKKKKE! Did I have you fooled? No? Not even for a minute? 30 seconds? Okay, fine...

*I have to sleep with a fan on full blast. And not any dinky little ceiling fan. I mean a huge box fan that sounds as if a million semi's are driving around outside my window. I even bring it to hotels.

*My favorite animal is a Moose. Yes, you heard that correctly. I think they are cute and cuddly. Who wouldn't want one taking a snooze next to you? If you gave a Moose a muffin... [hence all the antler pictures.]

*The first concert I ever went to was the Dr. Dre and Eminem "Up in Smoke" Tour when I was in 7th grade. Did I mention that I went with two boys and the concert was 20 minutes away. Our parents had to bring us there & pick us up. Why in the world my parents let me go is beyond me.

Welp, THE END! If you made it all the way down here, you deserve a cookie. Or some wine... Wait, no, I'm not very willing to give up my wine, but you could always have one of those disgusting zebra cakes instead. GAG! YUM!

Did I tell you how much I love the Biebs? Oh, I did? Okay, well, I just wanted to let you know one more time in case you forgot from the beginning of this novel.

Aren't I lovely? This was in Venice, Italy

Someone should have told me that I overused that peace sign. And that duck face? Yeah, we already know that's not attractive. And um, who wears Uggs and a short skirt in the dead of winter [I even think there was snow that day]. Oh well, you live and learn, right?

Monday, July 16, 2012

H-Town Blogger Meet-up!

On Sunday, July 8th I had the amazing privilege of meeting up with a wonderful group of Houston bloggers! A few days before the meet-up, I stumbled across the H-Town Blog, which is a networking group of lady bloggers in the Houston area who have organized meet-up's around the city every month!

I was able to carpool with two wonderful ladies, Lindsay who blogs over at Trial By Sapphire and Whitney who blogs over at The Observant Turtle. I was a little nervous for the meet-up because I was "the new kid" and everyone knows how nerve wrecking it is to meet a whole new group of girls. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing all the women were! They embraced me with open arms and I felt completely at ease! Everyone was so friendly and sweet!

Speaking of sweet, the meet-up was at a place called Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique! (My hubby was SO jealous because we both LOVE cupcakes!) The place was absolutely GORGEOUS! Sugarbaby's opened in 2007 and was the first Houston bakery to specialize in cupcakes! They also make all of their delicious cupcakes by scratch every day!

All of the pictures from Sugarbaby's were taken by Darby who blogs over at Life with the Hawleys. Thank you Darby for allowing me to use your fabulous pictures! You rock! 

I definitely need one of those chandeliers for my house! 

How cute are those mini cupcakes? We all got three of the cupcakes (Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet). They were SO delicious! I probably could have eaten the whole tray! Of course I was able to take a few of those mini's home for the hubby who gobbled them up! (I wish I would have been smart enough to buy some more... But hey, that's just another reason to go back!!!!!!!!!) If you live in the Houston area (even if you DON'T!) you need to pay Sugarbaby's a visit! I promise you won't be disappointed and you can thank me later! :)

I had a WONDERFUL time with all the ladies and I am SOO glad that I stumbled across the H-Town blog! I am excited to continue forming friendships with a lot of the women and getting to know them better through their blogs and of course, I can't wait for the AUGUST MEET-UP!!!

Lori, who blogs over at made by lori created these super cute bookmarks for all the ladies at the meet-up! Everyone knows that I am a READING teacher, so of course I went crazy over these! I can't wait to use this bookmark in my classroom come August! Check out her Etsy site, Made by Lori to see the rest of her amazing things! And if you are a teacher, you REALLY need to visit her site and get yourself a bookmark!!!!!