Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I'm currently LUSTING

Other than this....

And this....

This has become my new obsession...

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch $295

I have what you would call champagne taste on a beer budget. And even though I love having nice things, I just can't justify the $300 price tag right now. Especially since I work with middle schoolers & i'm constantly breaking up fights. Not to mention how incredibly CLUMSY I am. So, I have just been lusting from afar.

While me and Hubs were walking through the mall to pick up my wedding ring from the jewelers, we passed the Fossil store and it was practically screaming "COME IN!!!!!!" So, in we went!

And that's when I saw it & knew I just had to have it.

Fossil Rose Gold Watch $135

After little coaxing with the Hubs, we both walked out with brand new watches! While it's not Michael Kors, I am extremely happy with it! :)

Have you ever lusted over an expensive item and found an even better, less expensive version of it?


  1. You are a girl after my own heart! Fifty Shades is next up on my reading list, I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on the planet to read it, and oh my heavens Magic Mike... I've been showing all of my friends here in France the trailer and dying to see it, but seeing it in French will not be the same as seeing it back in TX so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that, and I've been LUSTING after that rose gold watch this year! So happy for you that you got yours! :)

  2. I am like you. I like nice things but I don't want to get off my wallet. Now my husband, he has been a work in progress. When we first met he thought money grows on trees. The watch you got is super cute! I just got my first watch for Christmas (I have never been a watch person) and now I'm thinking why did I wait so long!

  3. Also Francesca's collection has a super cheap one like 35 or maybe less!! It's my must buy ASAP!!!

  4. I am making a trip there this weekend. Must. Buy. That. Necklace!

  5. I loved 50 Shades! It took me a bit to find another book I could get into like I did that one! I totally want to go see Magic Mike!!! I told my bestie she should fly down to go see it. Hey a person can wish right?!?! BTW I noticed you are from Carmel...I am from Southern Indiana but most recently (before moving to TX) lived in Mooresville!!!!

  6. and I are obsessed with the same watches! I cannot get over how much I have become obsessed with rose gold and especially the Michael Kors watch!

  7. I got mine fr Target for $14! It's on my instagram (ellesees) New follower, btw! :)