Monday, July 2, 2012

The difference in what I'm doing & what I WISH I was doing

Now that I have TECHNICALLY been out of school for almost a month now... I would hate to sit here and tell you that I have been doing all of these AMAZING things with my new found free time... But, well, that would be a flat out lie. (Because sleeping until noon every day & never getting out of your pajamas most days is not amazing). I honestly don't even know what day of the week it is half the time. I know, I know, my life is pretty exciting right now, right? But, I feel as though i've needed a whole month to detox from the stress and hassle of a school year.

18 days from now THIS will be my reality

Unfortunately, until then, here is my ACTUAL REALITY

You are probably thinking to yourself.... What in the world are you doing?

Don't worry, my husband (V) thought that at first when I first brought all this stuff home. Our second bedroom is now my "work room".... I have all my little books, tape and labels in order and i'm like a hawk watching that room. If I see one of my "children" (AKA my dogs) tip toeing their way over there, you can best bet that I will shoot up from whatever i'm doing to stop them (You're probably thinking, why not close the door? That would be the SMART idea, but unfortunately V usually forgets to shut it and in a Texas summer, you need all the ventilation in your apartment that you can get! Unless you want to end up in a heat wave).

Now, back onto what exactly i'm doing... As most of you know, I am a middle school teacher. Let's all think back to middle school for a moment and middle school mentality. All darlings know how to take care of someone else's stuff, right? And since I pay for EVERYTHING OUT OF POCKET for the school year, I can hardly afford to pay my bills, let alone pay out the ass for laminating everything I have.

So, I package tape all my books. Yup, I should have PINTERESTED that idea! I put labels on all the books (2nd picture... And yes, ALL BOOKS BELONG TO ME! In case someone forgets of course). And then I cover it with packaging tape.

Now, those "few" books above are just my FIRST find at Half Price Books. I probably buy in the neighborhood of 150 books a summer. So, all in all, I probably have around 800-1,000 books in my classroom (I should NEVER hear... Mrs., you don't have anything good to read! Alas, I still do...)

Just think of how long it takes to cover that many books........

Who wants to come help? I pay in WINE!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Trust me your visit to Mexico will be soooo worth it. We went to Mexico last September for a legit, no-work-involved vacation, and it was AWESOME. The best vacation we've ever had, I hope you have an awesome time :)

  2. Thanks girl! We actually spent our honeymoon there 3+ years ago and haven't had a vacation since, so i'm excited! Where in Mexico did you visit?

  3. I'll come help! Thanks for
    Coming to my blog and writing those sweet comments!! Im your newest follower!!

  4. Holy Crap. You are so organized! I SHOULD do this to my books too (I teach 8th grade Language Arts) but I don't...hmm....

  5. Oh my goodness! That is craziness!