Sunday, July 1, 2012

...To be continued is CONTINUED

Phew, I'm back! Now, where was I? Oh yes, updating all my life happenings from the PAST 4 MONTHS (gah, has it really been that long?!)

Here is what I have been up to:

I strolled down Grey Street
Dave Mathews at his concert in May

I went wasting away again in Margaritaville
Jimmy Buffett at his concert in June

I also went Surfin' USA
Beach Boy's at their 50th Anniversary concert tour in June

I attended the wedding of a good friend
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Vera
Fab four... Our very best friends Colleen and Dave. They are both teachers in my district and moved here from Indiana as well. Dave was in Phi Delta Theta with Vince and Colleen was in the education program at Ball State with me (but we didn't know each other until we moved here). They also live in the apartment above us!!

I helped my parents dog sit my brothers dog in Austin
Me & Momma Bear!
Me & Poppyseed! 

THEN IT WAS OFF TO INDIANA! My best friend and fabulous little sister in Delta Zeta was GETTING married!!!

We started out with a cookout with our FABULOUS FAMILIES!
Me & V are blessed with three sets of amazing parents! I love my family :)

Then we were off to Cincinnati for SARAH'S WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!

The trio. We were inseparable in college. Our sorority, Delta Zeta brought us together and I am blessed to have these two as friends. I am even more blessed to have had both of them in MY wedding! And both me and Kasi were in Sarah's wedding and in April, Me and Sarah will be in Kasi's wedding!

Getting ready for the wedding!

It has been a very hard year for my best friend. Her dad passed suddenly in February right after his 50th birthday. She then found out that she was expecting BABY GRANT exactly 9 months after he dad's passing. I can't wait for his arrival!


We have this same picture from MY wedding and can't wait to have it again for Kasi's wedding. We love you Sar!

Delta Zeta Big & Little!!!

I love this man!

My other fabulous LITTLE SIS, Jacqlyn!!!!


Just a little of my DZ GREEK FAMILY! I love my little's and grandlittle!!!!!!!

Delta Zeta love..... I had such a great time with my little & grandlittle at the reception!

.... UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment!! I love all of the Greek family-ness going on in this post. Your entire family is ADORABLE!! Also veryyy jealous that you got to see the Beach Boys. I was raised listening to them, and would give my left arm to see them in concert!!

  2. Love that DZ pic!! What chapter were you in?!

  3. Turtles & Pearls - They actually were not that good unfortunately. I was a tad disappointed. But, I bought the tickets on Groupon, so for the price, you couldn't really beat it!

    The Heights Life - Gamma Chi.... Ball State Univ in Indiana :) Were you a DZ in Texas?

  4. I love how close you are with your DZ family. It is really inspiring!

  5. Thanks girl! It's hard living so far away from them all! But, this is only like 1/10 of my fam.. But, they mean everything to me! :)

  6. Oh! Looks like soo much fun!

  7. Um are you a DMB fan!? My boyfriend is obsessed w him as in i think he loves Dave more than me but thats ok I love Dave too!