Monday, February 4, 2013


This is a TOTALLLLLLLLLLLLL RANT post. I apologize... But, I seriously can't remember the last time I was THIS pissed off and THIS upset.

Can I PLEASE express my utter and complete INFURIATION for student loan companies for just a moment? 

My resentment is mainly focused on none other than student loan giant and biggest pain in my ass, Sallie Mae.

Now, I know i'm in the wrong when I took out my UNGODLY AMOUNT OF STUDENT LOANS. I've never been one to categorize myself as an innocent participant in my "living off student loans" in college. Now, if I knew THEN what I know NOW, I would NEVER have taken out as much money in loans as I did. I mean come on, of course I wouldn't have. BUUUT, I DIDN'T know THEN what I know NOW, so there's not much I can do about it but buck up and pay my abundant amount of money a month.

But, in case you forgot Sallie Mae, I am a LOW PAID TEACHER. OHHH wait, that's right, you don't give a crap what I do as long as you get my money. Thank you "dumb bitch" for informing me that it doesn't matter HOW MUCH I GET PAID A MONTH, MY PAYMENT CAN STILL NOT BE LOWERED. And thank you for letting me know that "I SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN A DIFFERENT PROFESSION." And thanks for letting me know how much you DON'T care that I spend ABOUT $1,200 a month on student loans a MONTH. And it doesn't matter one bit that "TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, I CAN'T AFFORD A HIGHER PAYMENT BECAUSE IT WILL PUT ME IN THE NEGATIVE EVERY MONTH." Oh, but it's okay to NOT lower it, even though I pay my bills on time EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. 

And last I checked, I thought I was better off than a good chunk of college graduates who DON'T have jobs or CAN'T FIND WORK. I mean hell, i'm still giving you A SHIT TON OF MONEY EVERY MONTH!!!!! I pay JUST YOU more than some people pay for A MORTGAGE PAYMENT EVERY MONTH! (remember, I pay THREE STUDENT LOAN COMPANIES A MONTH... BUT, I REMEMBER THAT "YOU DON'T CARE WHO I PAY OTHER THAN SALLIE MAE")  Isn't it better to get SOME money rather than NO MONEY?

I mean really, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND CAN AFFORD TO PAY ONE STUDENT LOAN COMPANY $1,300 A MONTH? (and that's not even including the OTHER two student loan companies I pay A MONTH and those payments aren't cheap either!) Last I checked, NO ONE. Not even my brother who is a LAWYER can afford that type of payment. And thanks for letting me know that the lowest you can go a month is $1,000. 

I guess you can find me living in a cardboard box on the side of the highway, because with that type of payment, that's where i'm going to be living for the next 27 years until this loan is paid off.

Yeah, in case you didn't hear me the first time... THANKS FOR NOTHING!



  1. OMG I totally sympathize with you on this!!! I have heard that Sallie Mae is the WORST when it comes back to paying loans. I am glad that none of mine are through them. All of mine were through Citibank and now are repaid to My Great Lakes. They wanted me to pay $780 a month on it and I so kindly asked where they would like me to pull that $$ from. I ended up doing income based first they told me I didn't qualify and I had to file for unemployment (ummm I had TWO jobs) but that person was an idiot. They lowered my payment to $0 a month and I can pay what I want. $100 a month on one, $25 a month on another (I have 3). of course it is going to take me an ETERNITY to pay it off but at least they were willing to work with me!!

    they are so money hungry. you pretty much can't go to school for free unless your parents are rich or you get a scholarship. EVERYONE has loans nowadays.

  2. Have you looked into consolidating your loans? I'm not sure if that will work with Sallie Mae [I didn't have them] but I was able to consolidate mine and it decreased my loan payment substantially.

    And yes, your loan payment to Sallie Mae - totally could buy two of my houses, it's twice hte amount of my mortgage!

    I feel for you girl!

  3. seriously i know what you are going through. i HATE SALLIE MAE. you should check into consolidating like tamara said above... i don't need to do that however it would be worth while to check with them if they are able to do that.

  4. Hey if I were you I'd look into consolidating all of your loans. ALso try to get your loan out of Sallie Mae. Whoever you talked to didn't know what they were talking about. My loans got bought out it seemed like every year. Direct Loans is trying to have me pay 6k back when my loans were paid off over a year ago. We had to mail in the info showing everything was paid off. You just have to stay ontop of these loan companies and take awesome notes and keep everything because they are always making mistakes!

  5. After 9 years of schooling I understand this more than you know. We pay 3,000 a month on student loans and it blowwwwwwssss every.stinkin.month. We hate it! We wish we didn't both go to private schools all the time. Shhheeeeshhh....maybe we will win the lotto? Oh yeah I can't afford a lotto ticket booooo
    I feel ya sister

  6. Oh Sista Girl, I know this pain all too well! I have over $75K in student loans from SALLIE MAE and I have cried, begged, and cried some more. They don't care one bit. I was actually told that they only use my income and this debt, they don't take into account my mortgage, my bills, my food, my kids, my nothing... All I have to do is pay them and all is well. I cannot pay them, I can't, I don't have the money because I am stupid that way and made some awful decisions, student loans being one of them. I am actually taking college courses now to defer the damn loan payment, which is earning interest as we speak, but at least I don't have to pay them for a year. I hate them, I really hate them. Save me a box because I will be living next door to you soon. We call it Teacher Terrace.

  7. That is totally nuts!! You should check on consolidating those. My bf did his through EdFinancial and they basically are just happy to get anything lol

  8. That's so hard--debt is the worst. My husband got $23K in student loans to get through college, but he always says that he's one of the lucky ones who actually got a job in his field straight out of college, and also straight out of college he moved back in with his parents so that he could pay almost everything he earned straight back into the loan. For most people it doesn't work out well like that. My sister is going to college for an education degree, too, and she's determined not to get any students loans because she knows she won't be making much money when she gets out....of course that means she's living with my grandparents, driving their old car, going to a community college and working at her job at the mall every second that she's not in class. The calling to work in education is not easy one or a fun one financially, at all--but you teachers are so needed!

  9. I hate student loans. I feel the same way, if only I knew then what I know now. I thought my $250 a month was high. Damn girl! So sorry you are going through this.

  10. Agh, Caitsies...I hate Sallie Mae too...They just sent me an e-mail saying that my payment is coming up. BITCHES. They're so stupid. Like, do you not take notes? Do you know that my loan is in in-school deferment? Student loans are the only reason why I'm moving back to the states this summer. Two years of bartending should pay them off, but as of now, even in deferment, my loans are near defaulting. FML...