Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That one time I hung out some really awesome bloggers IRL

A few weeks ago we had our January Houston Blogger meetup! I love getting the chance to hang out with some of my favorite Houston bloggers (and meet new HTown girls!) I am SO blessed to be a part of an awesome group of woman bloggers, many of whom I consider very good friends of mine! There is NEVER a dull moment when i'm around these ladies! It's amazing the feeling of really connecting with someone without even meeting them in person. That's my favorite thing about blogging... The relationships you form with the people whose blogs you read. Plus, it's always good to attend a meetup and find new blogs to read!!!! And there are still a few bloggers out there that I can't wait to meet (I think I have a lot of trips that need to be planned since some of my favorites don't live in the Houston area. :( WAH!)

Thanks Meg for being a fantastic photographer! You roccckkk! (All pictures were taken stolen from her) ;)

Darby graciously agreed to host this months meetup in her brand spankin' new house. Thanks Whitney for organizing everything and for Bree for leading our bracelet craft (which by the way, I just noticed last night that my freaking dog CHEWED UP MY BRACELET. How dare she! Doesn't she know how long it freaking took me to wrap and then RE-WRAP that dang thing? Shame on her!) And of course thanks to Meg for being a badass photographer and takin' some smoking headshots of me! :)

Like I said, we made awesome bracelets as our craft (I like to consider them friendship badass blogger bracelets - hey, that's an alliteration!) 

We were like a herd of wild elephants makin' a mad dash to get the color of our choice. It was almost like  I was competing for a new TV on black friday!

Showing off her amazing bracelet & telling us that it's a breeze to make!
Listening intently... Like all good students do, right? HA!

I needed intense concentration after messing it up on round 1... whoops!
Showing off the goods
Northsidazzzz fooo lyf
Love these ladies
It almost looks like we're showing off our guns
Fabulous photog and fellow teacha

Dee Zee love! Love me some Delta Zeta sista's!

The girls being typical bloggers... The camera is everywhere. It's almost like the paparazzi! 

And here is the time that Meg made me look ridiculously good looking (I swear she works miracles with that lens!) 

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Do you attend blogger meetups? What do you like best about meeting fellow bloggers IRL?


  1. All of the Houston meet ups make me so jealous I don't live there! I'm in the Oklahoma City area (well, Stillwater at OSU) and I have yet to find any local bloggers!! So sad :(

  2. Looks like a lot of fun!! :) DZ <3 p.s. I followed you on instagram today! Thanks for the follow.

  3. The blogger meet ups look so fun! I must try and find some in the Austin area. Also, the pictures Meg took of you are gorgeous!

  4. I'm so sad I missed that day, looked like y'all had a blast as usual!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

  5. wow such fun!!! i wish there was an nj blogger meet up!!

    the bracelets are so fun!

  6. ahh what a fun blogger meet-up. they are some of the best events to attend and i see darby!! i love those bracelets you all made and i love that all bloggers bust out their cameras and don't make you feel weird about taking photos of everything

  7. Hated to have missed the meetup. You gals appear to be loads of fun! Hope to join next time. Great headshots of you, btw!

  8. seriously you really are ridiculously good looking! I can't wait to see you again already!

  9. We have meet ups here in Tampa but I can never go. Boo! Those pix are gorgeous!!

  10. So much fun! :) Um when are us Northsidazzzzz gonna meet up!?

  11. Is this invite only? I would love to attend a meet up!
    I love the bracelets! so cute!

  12. Hello! I just started my blog but I live in H-Town and this look so much fun! I am now following and hopefully I can be up to date with Houston blog news. I am new to the community but this seems really fun!

  13. Looks like fun! I am finally making it over here to get your button code!!!

  14. I so enjoyed driving down with you!! It was so fun to hang out. We need to do it again soon!

  15. that looks like soo much!! fun and 3 fellow DZ bloggers too? lucky!! Are you guys from the same chapter? I have yet to attend a blogger meet up, hopefully someday soon :)

  16. Ah This look like a blast! I live in Houston and would love to get the chance to meet up with you ladies!