Sunday, April 21, 2013

Calling all mommies and my first bumpdate!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I updated! First of all, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for all of the congratulations! Me and the hubby are SOO excited to bring this baby into the world and have I mentioned that i'm already completely obsessed with this baby?! I've been waiting SOOOOOO long!

I am 11 WEEKS along today! Not long before i'm out of my FIRST TRIMESTER! So far, so good! I've been really lucky because I haven't had any morning sickness or nausea. Life is pretty good right now and just hope that this pregnancy continues smoothly!

The only thing cramping my style?? The fact that I already look like i'm 20357457 weeks pregnant! Please tell me i'm not the only one who shows this early on. It's getting pretty ridiculous because already none of my clothes fit! Any good recommendations on inexpensive maternity clothes?

Here's my babes at 9 weeks along

Looking huge already at 11 weeks, eek! 

How Far Along?
11 Weeks
Baby Cav is the size of a fig

Weight Gain?
Oh goodness, I don't even want to weigh myself

Maternity Clothes?
Finally bit the bullet and purchased a pair of black dress pants... and oh my goodness, I wish I could wear them every day, soo comfy! 

I wish I was doing more... This exhaustion & fatigue is KILLING me! 

Fatigue, bloating, exhaustion, peeing 100 times a day, but i'll take all of that opposed to morning sickness. So lucky that I haven't had ANY morning sickness or nausea! 

I can hardly keep my eyes open. I've been coming home from work early (about 5:30 opposed to my usual 7 pm) and I usually fall asleep by 9-10 pm and lately i've been falling asleep with my light on, phone in my hand.

Food Cravings?
Anything & everything that's bad for you, i've craved it

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick?
Nope! Feeling good :)

SOO anxious to find out!

Nope, but I can't wait until I feel this baby a movin' & a groovin'

What You Miss?
ENERGY! And caffeine, red bull, 5 hour energy shots, ha

 Excited and nervous. 

Best Moment of the Week?
Just talking about the baby with V... For someone who never really wanted to have kids until after 30, he's been soo sweet and soo loving to me and baby Cav. I love how excited he is about this babes to make his/her arrival! 

All mommies out there-

Give me your best advice on pregnancy and baby necessities, as well as where you purchased maternity clothes (needing them already!)


  1. Congrats on the new addition! That really is exciting news.

  2. Our pregnancies seem super similar! I never had any morning sickness, but I was really tired. And I also needed maternity clothes at week 11 :) I've found Old Navy and Motherhood have pretty inexpensive clothes. I would try stuff on at Motherhood and then order it online because they seemed to have better sales there--like 20% off entire order kind of sales. At least you'll be preggo through the summer that you'll still be able to wear most of your dresses. I've been too big to fit into any of mine lol. Best advice--don't worry about the scale. Do your best to eat healthy (don't feel guilty when you eat that slice of pizza though!), but don't stress when that scale starts going up. And don't feel bad about breaking plans with friends if you're not feeling up to it. Growing a baby is hard work!

  3. aww the bump is so cute!! milk the bump showing for all its worth hahaha!! I'm not preggo so no advice from me but I'll definitely be asking you for advice when it's my turn hahah...especially the working/ teaching part becasue I'm not preggo and I'm super tired too...maybe it's because it's almost the end of the school year. I think I've hear Old navy has great, cheap maternity stuff so maybe check there :)


    I like the MineForNine idea!!!

  5. Loved Old Navy for cheap maternity stuff. The maternity yoga pants were the most comfortable things ever! My advice is rest as much as you can. I was in bed at 9 pm in the beginning and though I missed my hubby time, I realized my body just needed rest.

  6. I was going to say you usually don't show so early it's mostly bloating but that is not bloating!! You look so cute!

    1. Also get a nosefrida for baby at it's such an amazing thing.

      Old navy and target are great for affordable and comfy maternity clothig

  7. Aw I LOVE your bump!!! I want to see you so I can talk to it! haha. I can't wait to follow along with you bumpdates :)

  8. You look great! One piece of maternity clothes advice, buy one pair of perfect jeans. They will probably cost an arm and a leg but it will be worth it. Other than that look for flowy tops basically anything comfortable.

  9. That's awesome that you haven't had to deal with morning sickness! I'm scared of that stuff! You're so far along already!

  10. 1) a maternity body pillow... you will thank me later :)
    2) nursing pads, go ahead and get them...your boobs don't always get the memo that baby hasn't arrived yet and will decide to cause embarrassing moments.
    3) Enjoy! :) It really is an amazing time! Try to write everything down exactly as you see/feel it so you will always remember.

    I'm so excited for you!
    PS. I agree about the jeans comment above. Don't waste your money on the cheep ones unless they really do look perfect on you... O and long tank tops under anything help everything last longer...meaning you can wear your shirts a little longer.

    I started shower earlier too. I don't know if it was the "baby bump" or more to do with bloating but I feel your pain. haha There is no shame in wearing maternity clothes early. Everyone is different. You look beautiful!

  11. When you posted that you had an important message and alluded to it, I just KNEW you were pregnant! Congrats!!! I cannot wait for you to find out and post what the gender is (you know you won't be able to wait til the baby is born). :)

  12. Aw, super cute bump! Hope you are able to rest up.

  13. So excited for you!! Your bump is so cute!! I got most of my maternity clothes at Motherhood Maternity, but they can be expensive. Get on the mailing list so you get coupons... After I had Mav I learned Old Navy has a pretty awesome maternity line. So shopping there for baby #2. Also, if you can find the time you have to read Baby Laughs. It's such a fun/ honest look on pregnancy!!

  14. Aw I completely missed your announcement! CONGRATS. That is so wonderful for you and your family! YAY. You look adorable!!!

  15. So sweet!!! Love your little bump!!!! Keep the updates coming :-)

  16. Target always had really cute maternity clothes for a decent price. OH and if you haven't joined yet, DO IT. Unless of course you don't want to waste all your money on adorableness. But it's totally worth it.

  17. That bump is too cute! :) Oh I hope Im as lucky as you are so far with no 'morning' sickness. Throwing up is a fear of mine. hahah

  18. Awww this is so exciting :) I can't wait til you find out the gender, either! You look so cute as a pregnant mama!

  19. hahahah Since I am small I started showing a bump early too...people just thought I was drinking too much hahaha. I hate maternity some cheap tshirts at Target...but I bought tons of shift dresses at Francesca's Collection. You can buy your regular size and fit into them for the first six months... Also buy regular Maxi dresses...especially those that have empire waists. My Fave maternity jeans are from Old the beginning the full panel fits...but now that I am towards the end only the Demi panel jeans fit...full panel is too tight hahaha

    Good Luck!! :-)
    P.S. totally agree with your cravings..I craved fast food & french fries nonstop in the much for eating healthy for your baby..but the doctor says it is fine.

  20. You are such a cute pregnant lady! Congrats on the new addition to your family. Perfect timing especially with the house.