Friday, July 26, 2013

Nursery Reveal!

Our nursery has come a LONG way since moving into our new house... Here is the official nursery reveal for our little prince (If you are my friend on Facebook, you have probably already seen these pictures.)


As much as we LOVED the hot pink... We just didn't think our son would love it as much ;)
The old owners of our house left us this crib because they knew we were having a baby. It's in the process of being painted white!


Priming took FOREVER... That hot pink just wouldn't go away!
Starting the LONG process of painting on the Chevron stripes...
Halfway done with the chevron wall!

We're just watching daddy hard at work!
The wall is complete and I'm OBSESSED WITH IT! 
Lookin' pretty bare!


Thanks to my MIL for creating these!

Yes, you sure will baby boy, you sure will.
Scored these at Kohls!
Organization galore!
My and my two girlfriends made these curtains!
Just need to get the crib painted and re-assembled
One of my favorite things about the room... My yellow nightstand and teal light from Marshalls!
Need to add the teal shelves on both sides of the mirrors with knick-knacks and frames on each shelf

More organizing in the drawers!


Shelves are finally up!
Obsessed with the final product. I'm so impressed with how well the accent wall looks
Crib's finally re-painted
All that we're waiting on is baby Colt to make his arrival!
Spoiled baby already

Am I the only FTM or mommy that can literally just sit in the nursery for hours on end and be completely content? Because I find myself gravitating to this room every day and just sitting in here for long periods of time just imagining holding my precious little boy! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Only a few months left until Colton is in my arms!

Thanks go out to Darby at Life with the Hawleys for suggesting the stencil to us (and letting the hubs & I creepily stalk your blog for hours on end to get ideas.) 

The stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils and was SUPER easy to use! I could not be more impressed with how easy the stencil was and how awesome the accent wall came out! Not to mention their shipping was quick and they have a plethora of different stencils to chose from! I can't wait to buy more and re-decorate the rest of our house! You definitely need to check out their website. And I am in no way affiliated with them, I just REALLY love and would recommend their products! 


  1. LOVE his room. Seriously that is so so cute!! I like the neutral walls with a pop of color throughout the room. A friend of mine has a chevron wall in her sons' bathroom. I loved it from the second I saw it. I had never seen that done before. That wall does look very time consuming. The things a daddy will do for his son :) and pregnant wire hahah

  2. LOVE!! Where did you get your chevron stencil???

  3. Super cute!! I'm so excited for you!

  4. That looks AMAZING! Well done! And that wall...WOW! (so jealous, we're renting and can't paint in our nursery) Baby Colton is going to love snuggling in there with his Mummy and Daddy!

  5. I love the chevron wall!! It's awesome.

  6. AHHHH it looks SO good. The rocker and dress are super cute. The chevron is great. :)

  7. This room looks AMAZING!! Love the colors so much!! Congrats again!


  8. Love this! And using a stencil?! Genius! So much easier then measuring and taping augh.

  9. Oh man!! I love his nursery!! It's totally Pinterest worthy!!

  10. This looks awesome girl!!! I love that feature wall and your color combination. What a beautiful room for sweet Colton to come home to :-)

  11. this is amazing!! I LOVE that wall and all the prints on the wall too! what an adorable nursery!!!!

  12. amazing!!! you did a greta job and holy cow kudos to the husband for the chevron wall!!

  13. Your nursery is so awesome!!! It is adorable! I want to come see it in person :) And I am super impressed with your chevron wall. Can I pay your husband to come do one at my house?!?! ;) hehe

  14. I love this modern look!! It could totally be for a girl or a boy. I don't plan on finding out the sex when I get pregnant so I want to make it neutral, but modern. LOVE IT!!!

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  15. wow that chevron wall was a stencil????? That's so impressive!! What glider did you buy? i'm just starting research into gliders this week, would love to know your thoughts!

  16. Ya'll did an awesome job!!! Seriously. Want to come do ours? ;)

    And that wall....PERFECTION!!

  17. I'm in love with this nursery!! I had to send this to my Bloggy BFF because she's just found out that she's having a little Prince and she's loving the same colors she used! When I have a child, I'm hiring your Hubs to decorate for me!

  18. This looks so freaking amazing! I am determined to do grey and white chevron stripes, even though all I've heard about them have been horror stories. I just think it's the cutest look ever! I love all the colors you chose and especially the yellow nightstand! Too cute. And thanks again for the tip on the template you bought!