Wednesday, July 3, 2013

21 Week Bumpdate and I hate this Texas heat!

We finally got the nursery painted (I can't wait to show ya'll a sneak peek next week!!!!)

Since I haven't been good about posting every week, some of these pictures are from the last two weeks. I haven't taken my 21 week bump yet this week (opps) so i'll have to post that one later ;)

How far along? 21 weeks

Baby Size: 
Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash... Baby is A FULL POUND THIS WEEK!!!! 

Total weight gain: 
Refusing to weigh myself... Ugh. But, I can infer that it's at least 10 or more... :-\

Maternity clothes? 
Yup... and mostly maxi's... And let me tell you, this Texas heat blooows!

Stretch marks? 
None yet! I'm hoping it stays that way ;) 

Not so great... Can't get comfy and I constantly toss and turn all night. So I wake up every morning groggy and exhausted.

Best moment this week: Getting Colton's room FINALLY painted! Thanks hubs for working so hard on it! 

Miss Anything? Wine, still...

Movement: Still haven't felt anything... Going to ask about it at my apt. next week. I think i've been feeling flutters, but not sure exactly what I should be feeling... And I only feel it when i'm laying down. :( :( 

Food cravings: Always candy... chocolate. But, that's nothing unusual! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: This Texas heat!!! I literally go outside for 20 minutes and I automatically feel nauseas!

Gender: A BOY!!!!!!!!!! Colton John :)

Symptoms: Sciatic pain is never ending! It's getting harder to sit on the floor and get back up easily, haha! 

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On although I am starting to swell in this heat! (Anyone else gone through this?)

Mood: Nervous about getting everything together now that i've hit the halfway mark :-\

Looking forward to: The baby shower for Colton next weekend in Indiana. But what i'm NOT excited about is the 18 hour car ride back there (although, it will probably be longer with all the bathroom breaks i'm going to need!) And yes, we DO drive straight through. Not sure how i'm going to last 18 + hours in a car with all the back pain i've been having lately :-\ 

But, i'm excited to see my parents, especially since my mom has been really really sick the last 5 months, so i'm excited to see her and give her a BIIIIGGG hug! She's still undergoing testing so please say some prayers for my family! 

I also bought my baby bag over the weekend and I must say, I am mildly obsessed with it!!!!!!! Loooooving Kate Spade lately!


  1. Girl! I feel for you and surviving the Texas heat! I can't imagine bring preggo in the summer so I'm hoping you're doing your best to stay cool. Have a great baby shower! Take lots of breaks on your road trip so you can get out and stretch those legs.Love your little bump :)

  2. 18 hour car ride? That's as long as it takes us when we drive to visit my husband's family--we always drive straight through, but it's never that fun in process!

  3. Love love love the diaper bag! Can't wait to see pics of the shower.

  4. You look fantastic! Eve n the heat here is really knocking me out. We have had a solid week in the 90s. Its really making my feet hurt and making me a little quesy too!

  5. Ohh that bag is SO cute! And you are even cuter :)

  6. You're so stinking cute! I can't imagen being pregnant in this heat, your a trooper!

  7. i too am obsessed with your kate spade bag!! such a cute lil bump on you and sorry for the texas heat :(

  8. I saw that Kate Spade bag at the outlet and thought of you! It's so cute! Good luck with the car ride!

  9. Love the Kate Spade baby bag!! I bought my sister a KS baby bag when she had her baby two weeks ago, and it's perfect!

  10. i love your baby bag! so cute!! and 18 hours sounds rough!! but thankfully you can think about all the sweet shower gifts you got :)

  11. Great name...ahhhh I would not like being pregnant in the heat...but the good side is that you can wear many dresses in the summer!

  12. Very strong name--love it! That diaper bag is to-die for!!

  13. I'm obsessed with your diaper bag. I hear ya on the candy/chocolate cravings, although I've always craved I can blame it on being pregnant. ;) Congrats on being halfway there!!

  14. the heat in New York is killling me too! I hope it was better for you this week! Lookin' good mama!