Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wooow, welcome back Blog!

Has it seriously been a WHOLE MONTH since I last updated? To say that life has been busy is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Up until break, I worked like a mad woman!! Educating the youth of America is TIRING and I was one tired middle school teacher!

But alas, I am all rested and now I am gearing up to head back into the classroom for the second half of the year.

Me and Hubs drove a TIRING glorious 18 hour drive back to Indiana the day after school let out in order to spend the holidays with our terrific families! I wish I could say that going back home is a vacation... But, it truly isn't. It's always SO stressful and tiring. I always miss our families, but I enjoy our little life we have created here in Tejjas. I will update later on all of the holiday happenings.

Until then, I am leaving you with my life (during the last month) through the eyes of Instagram!

Obsessed with my dogggg
Bella is soo pretty :)
Happy Holidays from the Cavallaro's
Sleepy Lola
This happened about 10 hours before we were supposed to drive to Indiana... MY BEST FRIEND'S ARE ENGAGED!
GO HORSE. Way to beat the Texans ;) 
Why thank you, Children. 
Obsessed with this. My aunt sent it to me. I love my grams.
My kiddos love these board games from Lakeshore.
N* gave me the award he received for the most improved in reading enrichment class! It's now hanging next to my desk on the wall. SO PROUD OF HIM!
OOTD in 30 degree weather. Not like I was cold or anything... And if the outside wasn't cold enough, it's like an ICE CUBE in my classroom... 
Is it bad that these were my FAVORITE Christmas presents this year? Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, new electronic pencil sharpener and Lakeshore gift card. THANKS FAMILY! :)
Reunited and it feels sooooooo good! Love my sibs.
Just the beginning of one of the craziest nights i've had in a LONG, LONG, LONNNNG TIME. A team that happy hour's together, stays together. Lovin' my 5A team members! 
Thanks for the blizzard, Indiana.... NOT. This was only fun for about 5 minutes.

The last day of school before holiday break, we wrote our donorschoose thank you letters to my aunt & uncle and Chevron. My kiddos are hilarious. They really were SOO appreciative of all the supplies we got. WE LOOOOOVE YOU DONORSCHOOSE.ORG!!!!!!

On a sad note, my brothers dog, Althea (AKA Pretty because she was so damn Pretty, obviously) passed away over break. She was 7 years old and the light of my brothers life (literally.) They took her to the vet on Christmas morning because she was throwing up all Christmas Eve. They released here and said everything came back clean. Unfortunately, about 5 hours later, she was throwing up blood and died on her nice tempurpedic bed (yeah, she had a freaking tempurpedic dog bed!) in my parents living room. My brother was obsessed with this dog. She had been sick for about 2 years and he spent upwards of $5,000+ in the last year and a half keeping her alive. We were all happy that she was able to make it home one last time. But, she will seriously be missed. I have a heavy heart over it. Say a few prayers for my Biggy! 

Althea meets her cousin Bella for the first time!!!
It's crazy to see how small Bells was when we first got her! She was about 2 months old when we made our first trip to Austin with her to meet her cousin, Althea! 
Yes, Bella does look so small compared to Althea. But, keep in mind that Althea weighed almost 150 pounds...
My favorite picture of the two of them.

We miss you Pretty girl! 

I'll update all of my other great happenings from Indiana and holiday break tomorrow :) 


  1. I'm jealous you got to go home for Christmas! The boys want to see snow so bad! Hopefully next year!

  2. Thanks for the kind comments about our school garden. The kids do love it!! I like your blog (I kind of stalked it!. I like honest straight-forward people,especially ones that aren't afraid to drop the occasional curse word. I am famous for my mouth getting me into a bit of hot water. Oh well... I am what I am. Sorry about your brothers beautiful dog. I love dogs as well (I must, I have three that regularly sleep with me).

    Take care,

  3. Oh I'm sorry for the puppy loss! That is so sad!

    This year was the first year we didn't go hope for the holidays in 5 years and it was the most relaxing Christmas we have had in 5 years (coincidence? I think not!) It was so nice not having to worry about seeing and doing everything and we actually got to enjoy the holiday. Highly recommended!

  4. You can never have enough electric pencil sharpeners. I only allow my Type-A students to have the job of sharpening in hopes the thing will last through the semester. lol :) So glad to find your blog

  5. So glad you are well rested for the next half of the school year!! And you're a better teacher than I am with the gifts and giftcards for your classroom!! haha a!! enjoy the rest of your break!!

  6. Sorry about your brothers dog... so sad!

    Also, the dang pencil sharpener... bain of my freaking existence! Your a way nicer teacher than I am... mine "suffer" with what they got!

    Happy rest of break!!!

  7. glad you are back!

    Looks like a great holiday!

  8. Love your blog. Sad that your trip was so stressful. But it was really nice to see you.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother's dog ): It's hard to lose a furry friend.

    It takes a very special person to teach middle school. I admire your bravery!!

    Found your blog through daliene!


  10. Seeing your blizzard picture makes me appreciate our "Texas blizzard" even more!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of you break :D

    Spotted Around the School

  11. Great update!! Looks like a wonderful break (except for Pretty-sorry for your loss : (

    Welcome back!


  12. Dude! Welcome back! Sorry about your brother's dog :( It's so hard to lose a pet. Glad you got to see some snow lol...I was definitely missing it this year. Darn Arizona. Don't go for so long next time, we miss you!

  13. We do have our fur babies in common! I look forward to keeping up with your blog as well :)