Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Social :)

I'm linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for Sunday Social! 

This Weeks Questions: Lets Reintroduce ourselves shall we?
1. What is the name of your blog? How long have you been blogging? The name of my blog is A Day in the Life and i've been blogging since September 2011 (wow, that seems like FORREVVERR!) But, it wasn't until late last spring that I even got "more into" blogging and actually started having more than one follower!
2. Why do you blog? To ramble on about my SUPER COOL, EXCITING, AND INTERESTING life, duh! To meet other people that have equally coooool, exciting, and interesting lives like myself. 
3. What is the first blog you ever followed? My mother in law, Deniece at What Mimi loves and I also followed this lovely young lady (blog withheld) who only had about 50 FOLLOWERS and I would comment and comment and comment away and I followed her for almost a year... NOT ONCE DID SHE COMMENT BACK (and no I don't mean on MY blog, but she never once responded to ONE comment I left for her.) SO RUDE! 
4. What is your favorite post you wrote in 2012? Oh gosh, that's hard... I actually have two... The first one is Why I became a teacher (and in turn became a blogger) and Teachers Strike in Chicago... Both are pretty fabulous reads, so go check em' out!
5. What are your blogging goals for 2013? To be a better blogger! To blog more consistently. To stop allowing life to pass me by! To possibly become a MOMMY blogger by the end of the year? HMM... (hint hint, hubby!) ;)
6. Top 3 favorite blogs to follow? I have more than 3 blogs that I am pretty obsessed with... So, just to name a few...
Nilda at Entirely My Own
Angela at Living Pretty
And there are LOTS of others that I love as well! :)


  1. That's a bummer that you had such a bad experience with one of the first blogs you followed. I've experienced that with a couple of blogs I've commented on repeatedly, too. Oh well! There's plenty of friendly bloggers out there!

  2. As someone just getting their blog off the ground (again) I love the posts about Blogs that you follow! Thanks for the suggestions! Hope you have an amazing year!

  3. Loved the hint to your hubby!!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. I am more annoyed at the "follow me back" commentors then you never, ever hear from them again...I got a lot of those at the beginning when i started my blog and have noticed that they have never commented again....and I follow a few blogs that I am just realizing they rarely respond to my comments or comment on my blog either...anyways I do love those 2 past posts you did and I agree 100% with the Chicago post....still heavily thinking about going back to the high school level...*sigh* decisions, decisions...and good luck on the baby plan :)

  5. I love your blog and hope you soon become a mommy blogger! Oh, and people who do not respond to comments are so rude! Can you say self-centered?? Ugh!

  6. Thanks for the shout out!!!! I'm honored!

    And to be a mommy blogger!!! I love the sound of that!

  7. thanks for the shout out! You know the feeling is mutual :)

  8. Thanks for the shout out!!! You know I love your blog too!! ;) btw I emailed you that info this weekend, did you get it?

  9. Mommy bloggers are so fun! I know some don't like it but i do i love everything about a miracle! I'll be checking out the blogs you shouted out:)

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