Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who doesn't love little packages on their doorsteps? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE!!!!


Since deciding to celebrate my birthday for 16 days straight at the beginning of the new year became a big ole' flop... Which by the way, what happened to a present for every day of January, hubs? Hmm... I'll be looking for it tomorrow when I wake up.

In honor of my birth, I have decided to ONLY work until the bell rings today (since it's technically past midnight.. EEK!) and then get my ass outta the building, into my car, and driving on home to my casa WITHOUT stopping at Target (or Lakeshore or any other place...) Okay, maybe I will allow myself to stop at Target. Okay, maybe i'll only work until 5pm... Oh wait... I haven't graded even HALF of my Benchmark Tests yet... So maybe 5:30? What the hell am I kidding, grades are due on Thursday... So, I guess I will try and get out before 7:30 pm? Okay, yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Dinner? Who needs to eat. I'll just stuff my face with Twix bars and Snickers all day tomorrow. SCCCOOORREEE!

So what is it that awaited me at my doorstep when I got home from work today?

TWO PACKAGES! (it doesn't matter that I sent them both to myself...) Plus, who doesn't LOVVEE receiving packages? They don't even have to contain anything inside, just getting a box is enough for me....I lied... please be filled up with goodies, cardboard boxes.

And what did those packages contain? 

Of course they contained presents that I purchased for myself, remember? DUH.

My first package was some stuff I ordered from Vistaprint after purchasing a Groupon a few months ago. I used to be crazy about this site when it first came out. I created magnets and postcards for Save the Dates before my wedding (this was back when the site was completely free other than about 5 buckaroos for shipping.) Now the site is like highway robbery. Gosh dang, is that shipping expensive!

(Please ignore the crappy and blurry IPhone photos. I didn't realize how horrendous these photos were until uploading them. I'm almost embarrassed to post these. OH WELL, here they are anyways!) 

The other package at my doorstep?

Only the most important one (to me anyways... and that's all that matters, obviously!) 

Now, a few of you happened to read my post that I quickly deleted (less than 5 minutes after posting it.) I'm hoping that I will someday get the guts to re-post it because it's been weighing heavily on my mind lately (lately being about 4 years....) But, i'm not ready to click 'PUBLISH' just yet. Hopefully soon though...

Hello and welcome to my household fabulous little Basal temperature thermometer and wonderful ovulation sticks. I'm hoping that you will be incredibly useful, effective and helpful for me in 2013. Actually, i'm not HOPING, i'm pretty much DEMANDING and telling you that you WILL be effective. No if's, and's or but's about it. 

Has anyone ever used these with success or know someone who has? Or has anyone ever used any type of ovulation test? I've heard mixed reviews about all of them so I was pretty hesitant on spending my hard earned cash on these little suckers. Please, don't let me down teeny tiny test strips.

Does anyone do the whole crazy 'charting' thing? It sounds pretty time consuming to me. And honestly, i'm pretty lazy (at least i'm honest, right?) I'm also one of those people that need INSTANT gratification so if these don't work.. umm, say, TOMORROW? I'll be pretty pissed and annoyed already (hey, it's one of my resolutions this year... to learn PATIENCE. Give me a break, it's only the beginning of January... I have a whole notha' 11 months to practice it. Plus, it's my BIRFFFFDAY, cut me some slack!)

So, let's everyone tell me how incredibly easy it will be to get pregnant and that i'll become the bloggersphere's coolest, biggest and most followed MOMMY blogger this time next year. Alright, I guess I may be setting my sights a TAD too high, huh?

Oh well, here goes nothing... 


  1. Us teachers just don't sleep do we? I love that you sent yourself packages lol You crack me up! Yay for OPK!!! Excited to follow this journey with you. I've been using the Clear Blue digital tests and I order them from Amazon because you can get more tests at a better price. Cheers to baby dancing!

  2. The vistaprint notes are adorable! There is nothing wrong with getting super excited for a package you sent yourself :)

  3. Happy birthday!!!! Hope it's your best year yet!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  4. Ohhhhhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    YAY TEACHER STUFF YAY STUFF to use to have a little lovely that will need a homework pass one day!

    hope you have some fun today!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!!! I just missed that post you deleted, I was so sad! Anytime you feel comfortable reposting, I'd love to read your thoughts. As for your packages, you make me want to be a teacher (which I wanted to be my whole life and then randomly switched gears) and praying that 2013 is your year to become that Mommy blogger :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a great one :)

    Another thing you might be interested looking into (although it sounds gross! sorry!) judging your ovulation by your body's mucus... That and getting a good cycle tracker on your phone - it will give you an idea of when you are due to ovulate! Good luck!

  7. Happy Birthday! LOVE.THE.NOTECARDS!

  8. :) the second package made me smile and gasp in excitement. I've never used ovulation sticks, but I hope they work for you!!

    Let's cross our fingers we will both join the mommy club this year :)

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  9. love that second package! i started charting prior to us getting pregnant. i took my temp but also checked cervical mucus...sounds gross, but it really works. after a couple months of charting, i got the hang of it and could tell EXACTLY what day i ovulated. i found the website "fertility friend" which also has an iphone app, and they have lots of things you can read to learn all about charting, plus it's super convenient on your phone. on months that we wanted to "try," we did use OPKs. i just bought the pack of 20 sticks from cvs or need to get the name brand, digital ones...they're a waste of money in my opinion. when we did actually "try" to get preggo, it didn't take long at all! charting is definitely the way to go...i'll never go back to taking the pill.

    good luck and happy (belated) birthday!!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I love the notecards - I need to pick up some new "SLP" stationary! The second package makes me giddy! So many people are on the path to mommy-dom. I can't wait until we are in the position to start trying!

  11. Happy Birthday! Great packages! Make sure you are not too stressed during baby making time. Just relax and have fun (hahaha)

  12. Good luck! Here's to being a MOMMY blogger!