Saturday, September 24, 2011

I will always be a Galligan at heart!

I was just thinking about how it's been 3 months since I have been back in Austin. I can't even explain how happy it makes me having my brother only a 4 hour trip away! Me and Vince are hoping to make the trip to Austin for Thanksgiving. He hasn't been there in almost 2 years! I probably go once every 2 months to visit Michael and Karina!

I seriously have the BEST family in the entire world! I have two of the MOST AMAZING parents in the universe (who have been happily married for almost 32 years now!) I can only hope that me and Vince have a long and happy marriage like they do!! I know i'm pretty biased since they belong to me. But, I REALLY miss them being so far away! It's nice to have Michael close to me, but, I miss having the 5 of us together all the time! It's sad to think we are all split up right now - Michael in Austin, Mathew in Denver and Mom and Pops in Indiana.

My parents were such wonderful providers for our family growing up! My Dad really worked hard so my mom could stay at home with us. They didn't have very many rules for us (now that I think of it, I didn't really have any at all!) That could have been a bad thing, but it worked out for us! They let us make our own mistakes... And now look at us! Michael is a GM of the Marriott in Austin and Mathew graduated from Law School in Minnesota last May and is now a practicing LAWYER in Denver! I am so proud of all of us! 

Both of my brothers are my VERY best friends in the world. We are a crazy trio when we are together!  It's crazy to think of how much we all fought when we were younger (okay, how much they fought with ME! They got along great growing up!) I am SOO lucky to have the two best friends in my life.... My big brothers, my heros, my protectors!

God blessed me with an amazing family!!! How did I get SOO lucky???

Thank you Mom and Dad for being great parents!!!

Me, Mathew and Michael in Minnesota for Grandma's 80th birthday

Mathew, me and Michael - Christmas 2007

Of course Mathew didn't cut his hair OR shave for my wedding.. But, he did a week later for PHISH TOUR! What a hippy :)

Best. Parents. Ever!

Love my Momma Bear!!

One of my FAVORITE wedding pictures... I love how happy I am dancing with my Daddy!!!!!!!

Family :)

How classy... Mom and Dad gave us all KEG PONG for Christmas!

Me, Michael and Mathew on Christms Dos - Mathew's birthday is the day after Christmas. So, we call his birthday Christmas Dos!

Before Michael moved to Austin - they a bit to drink that night. Haha

A weekend home from college at USI

My favorite picture of me and Michael!

Mathews graduation from Purdue.. Then he graduated from IUPUI a year later with a FOURTH degree! Smarty pants!

Mathews graduation!

In Minnesota

I love my Poppyseed! 

Like Mother, like daughter... Wine-o's!

I love this picture!!!!! Mom and Dad in their 30's!

Again... I love pictures of them when they were younger!

At my Grandpa's house in Minnesota!


  1. What a beautiful post for your family! I'll send you some Halloween decorations soon! :)

  2. I love being a Cavallaro (OFFICIALLY!!!!) too :)