Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating a life!

I got an unfortunate phone call from my mom today. She told me that my dad will be driving to Minnesota (again! He drove there a month ago) to visit with my grandma who is very sick with Alzheimer's and Dementia. It is so sad to think that just a few years ago at my wedding, my grandma was up dancing and laughing with all of us.

The last year has been a very big struggle for my family. Especially for my dad who is one of 8 children and the only person who doesn't live close to my grandma in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I just pray that my dad finds the strength that I know God is giving him! I hope he can enjoy his visit with his mom, brothers and sisters. Please say a prayer for my dad while he makes the 16 hour drive to St. Paul on Friday, after working a 12 hour shift at work.....

Just a FEEEEW of the Galligan's at our wedding with my lovely Grandma in the middle!

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  1. I will pray for your Dad. I am trying to upload a link that you can tell me by putting a blog on then copy and pasting it to a link so that more bloggers can see it. But so far I can't figure it out. So hopefully by next Monday I'll have it figured out.