Tuesday, October 2, 2012

JOIN THE SWAP!!!!! ... Lovin' those Houston bloggers... and farewell Glitzy the pig.

As a lot of you know, I got started blogging after reading my mother-in-law's blogs and the hubs step sister's blogs and I absolutely fell in love! After being a 'fly on the wall' and reading various blogs, I decided to take the plunge and create my own... And that was the start of my beautiful blog, A day in the life (of me, duuuuh!)

I am SOO excited that my MIL is hosting her FIRST swap!!!! And what's better is that it is a BRACELET SWAP!!! Of course I am obsessed with all things related to hip and inexpensive jewelry and I knew I couldn't pass this swap up!

SOOO, I think that you need to make your way over to Deniece's blog What Mimi loves and join in the swap (plus, you may get ME as your partner and you know that I will surely send you something AWESOME... as well as other goodies, of course!!!!) All of the details are on her blog so make sure to comment and let her know that you want to join!!! The more people to join, the better the swap!!

You have until Saturday, October 6 at midnight to join!!!

Thanks Deniece for creating this awesome swap! Love you & can't wait to see you over Christmas!!!

Don't forget to visit Deniece's blog at What Mimi loves

P.S. Did I mention how freaking EXCITED I am that I get to see some of my favorite Houston blogging women this weekend at our October meet-up? I can't wait because I miss you girls like wooooah, especially since I wasn't able to attend the Symposium last month! :( Love you girls & I am so glad that I have had the privilege to form such strong friendships with some of the most amazing women Houston, Texas has to offer!

Sorority Sisters!

P.S.S. Is anyone else so sad that Honey Boo Boo got rid Glitzy the pig & that People magazine actually published an article about the sad event? I mean come on, i'm sure we have ALL just dreamed of owning a pig... right? ... wrong. But, still, I can't believe that People actually cared enough (wasn't anything else going on in the reality world? No new RPatz gossip? Kim K and Kanye news? GIIIIVVVEEE MEEE A BRREEEAKKK!)

Visit People Magazine's article here... FAREWELL GLITZY!


  1. Oh Honey Boo's like a train wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you just can't stop! It drives me crazy. I have wanted a pig though...but if I had one, I'd probably only love it for a few minutes haha...

    I hear R.Patz & K. Stew got back together. I call the whole thing a publicity stunt to get more attention for the last Twilight installment.

  2. I cannot wait to see YOU this weekend!!!

  3. THank you so much for this post. I'm jealous of your blogging meetings. How fun is that! I think a couple of your friends joined already.

  4. Oh I love you too! And can't wait to see you.

  5. Sometimes I look on pet finder, and for some reason I find myself wondering over to the pig section. They are so cute when they are little; however, my husband assures me that they get big and gross.

  6. A bracelet swap sounds so fun! You look so cute in that outfit love the bubble necklace! I wish we had blogger meeting where i am from but since there is only 500 in my town im guessing that wont happen anytime soon!

    have a wonderful day!