Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bump date Week 26-30!

How far along?  31 weeks! 9 weeks until babes arrival! 

Baby Size: 
Baby is the size of a head of lettuce... 19 in & 3.5 pounds!

Total weight gain: 
HAHA I am not even going to disclose... 

Maternity clothes? 
Yup... Not like I can fit into anything else...

Stretch marks? 
They've finally arrived. UGH! 

Not good. Can't get comfortable. Constantly tossing and turning. Sad to say that my $50 maternity pillow doesn't help much :(

Best moment this week: Realizing that I get another ultrasound in a few weeks! YAY! I thought I didn't get a third one, so I was excited to hear that I do! 

Miss Anything? Working at an indoor school. Being outside on feet in 100 degree heat SUCKS. UGH! I'm a hot swollen mess by the end of the day! 

Movement: He's a moving and a grooving all the time now. I love it!! 

Food cravings: Grilled cheese and tomato soup! YUMMY! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really!

Gender: A BOY!!!!!!!!!! Colton John :)

Symptoms: Sciatic pain is never ending! It's getting harder to sit on the floor and get back up easily, haha! I have severe swelling in my hands, so off went my wedding ring. :( I feel so naked without it! AWFUL swelling in my feet... Way worse than the picture above if you can even believe it...

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off?  Off :( I have been sporting a fake one to take it's place! Miss my ring!

Incredibly stressed with work. Overloaded and constantly on my feet and working like a mad woman. 

Looking forward to: 
MATERNITY LEAVE... Even though it's ohhh sooo far away! I have a mini break down nearly daily with how stressed I am at work! :(


  1. Oh you poor thing!! Your feet look so sore :( I've been so lucky not to have any swelling this pregnancy but I admit, it's only just spring here! I spent most of my time pregnant through winter so summer would probably have been completely different!! But you're over 30 weeks now, almost the home stretch!!

  2. I can soo relate to the swollen feet. Mine started swelling at my 5 month mark and at the end I could only wear flip flops. After I gave birht it felt great to finally be able to put a shoe on. Hoping your last weeks of pregnancy go smoothly :)

  3. You poor thing with the swollen feet! I'm so confused though. What's an outdoor school? I've never heard of that

  4. oh no!! you're almost there!! you're doing amazing!! screw district rules and wear flip flops!!

  5. You are SO cute!! :) I'm 28 weeks this week, doing our 3d (or 4d depending on who you ask) sono on Friday! Fun to see someone else who is around the same time as me. I keep hearing WAY different opinions. One minute it will be "oh, you're so little!" and the next someone will drop the "You're HUGE" bomb on me. I think I can safely say I'm over the comments I get from people. ;)

  6. my swelling was really bad for the last month...try wearing some compression socks (i bought a pair at a running store) and wear them with tennis shoes if you're allowed to at work. that combo was the only thing that helped when i was on my feet all day! he'll be here before you know it! :)

  7. You are working outside and you are 31 weeks pregnant?!? Please explain! Your poor feet look so sore. :(

  8. WOW almost there!!!! Yes a pregnant teachers feet=sore sore sore! I wore heels everyday too because my 3rd graders are as tall as me. hahaha