Thursday, October 16, 2014

10 months!

Age: 10 months

Stats: 17.5 pounds - STILL

Clothes: Finally in some 9 month clothes

Diapers:  Size 3 

Hair Color & Eye Color: I still have a blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy!

Eating: It has been a rough month for us - probably the roughest we have had. He had a few food allergy reactions - which led us to the allergist where we found out he has some severe food allergies (which we already knew - but it was good for confirmation)! So now that we know what to stay away from, hopefully our little man will start gaining some more weight! He also had hand foot and mouth - which hindered his eating this month too. Not to mention being sick and have digestive problems - like I said, we just can't catch a break!

Sleeping: Still a fabulous sleeper - except now he's going to bed even earlier now that I am back at work - he usually goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 but we start our night time routine around 7 (unless he's fussy, then we start earlier). We always start with a bath (he LOVES the bath), then a bottle, a book and then bed time! He usually sleeps until 7:15 am - yup, a full 12 hours without waking up!

Favorite Activities/Things: He still loves bath time and exploring any and everything! He loves going on walks and being outside in the sun. He loves cups, tupperware and spoons still - and LOVES throwing things! His great aunt Liz bought him some stackable cups that he LOVES clanking together! 

Favorite Words: He now says "dadadadada" all the time and will sometimes say "mama" - but it's still mostly babbling.

Least Favorite Activities/Things: Same as before - he hates being sleepy and turns into a monster when he needs a nap or bedtime! He also still hates being cold, changing his clothes & getting his diaper changed - Mommy's started to hate changing time too because this kid rolls EVVVERYWHERE & it's so hard to get him to sit still long enough to change his diaper! He also is having some separation anxiety and hates when people leave the room! (This has definitely NOT changed from last month!!!!)

Favorite Moment: HE'S CRAWLING!!!!! And I mean he's crawling FAST! The second you turn your back, this little man is off! 

Least Favorite Moment: All of his allergies and food reactions, hand foot and mouth which we had to take off almost a week from work for, digestive problems and eating issues - like I said, it was a rough month!

Other Milestones: Clapping all the time. He also loves reaching out for mommy to pick him up! We recently introduced a sippy cup but he still thinks of it as a toy and throws it off his high chair - but we're working on. Now the paci, definitely not working on that - I think I'm going to send this boy off to college with it!!!

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