Friday, March 15, 2013

Why isn't buying a house IN PERSON as fun as 'window shopping' online?

I swear I am obsessed with finding my "dream house" online. A matter of fact, I have found MULTIPLE "dream houses" on a daily basis. Every house I come across looks just SOO good on paper (err, on webpages!)

Let's take an example of my dream casa's. Which look SOO beautiful online. It's like these houses are calling my name "CAIT... CAIT... BUY ME!"

Example of Dream House #1... The outside is soo much nicer than the inside. SAD.

Example of Dream House #2... This is the cheaper of the two AND I love the inside

Just think of all the nurseries I can fit into both of those home with 4 bedrooms. I mean come on, who needs an office or work out room when me and V can just have like 4 babies... boom. boom. boom. One right after another. I mean, who says we need a bedroom too? Think you're down hubby? HA... (Hubs, please hold back your heart attack when the subject of babies come up. Don't worry, i'm just kidding... We only need 3 rooms for nurseries. PHEW. Sigh of relief, huh?)

I think it's a real shame when some houses have nice exteriors but a crappy inside. Which brings me to my next qualm. 


I am SOOO glad that you left all those "50" decorations. I TOTALLY want to buy your house now! I can think of soooo many great "pinterest" crafts I can do with that good ole' sign there. By the way, is your mini dog a part of the asking price? And what about that plastic on your lamp?  And I did really need a new cowboy hat... Jeesh, I think you'd get a lot more hits on your house if you didn't have that monkey hanging from that good ole' college standing lamp (which I used to have in college that my mom told me would overheat the plastic around the lightbulb and light my whole dorm on fire. Just so you know, that never happened.) But, with that monkey hanging there, that could be a potential hazard... Last thing you want is your house going up in flames with that sweet little dog camouflaged on the bed. I feel like this is an I SPY book... I spy... A TRAPPER KEEPER (please tell me you remember those...) Okay, let's try again... I SPY... a lamp shade on a headboard???????

As fun as window shopping for a house is... It's a lot harder in person. And I don't really like that. Can't house buying be like eBay where I put it in my shopping cart and a few days later it's sitting at my glorious doorstep? Who cares about a credit report... termite inspection (okay, I guess I care... Don't need any little friends invading my space!)

Alright blog world... Give me all your best advice for home buying. Please don't tell me succumb to buying the picture above (and no I don't mean those gorgeous front of house pictures...)

(Darby i'm looking for stellar advice from you especially!) 


  1. Know what you can fix and what you shouldn't overlook. Don't rush. And why do our men avoid the word baby like the plague?! haha!

    I did a blog post on my house buying thoughts. I plan to do more.

  2. Just be prepared that buying a house is really stressful. I rarely fight with my husband and we fought all the time. Just be on the same page as far as the amount of work your willing to put into it. I was much more open to a fixer upper and hubby wanted to move right in.

    I saw this tip on House Hunters and am totally using it in my next house search. Have a checklist room by room. As you house hunt and look at tons of houses you may have a hard time remembering specific things in the room. For me it was how the third bedroom didn't have a closet. No biggie until we are getting it ready for baby #2 and have no storage.

  3. Oh man, just the thought of actually committing to buying a house is somewhat terrifying to me. I can't imagine how you will make the decision! I think it'll be a few years before we feel ready for reaching that level of "grown-up"-ness. But just think how exciting it will be when you do have a home of your own and you can decorate it/remodel it just the way you want!

  4. I couldn't agree more. We have been WINDOW shopping forever it seems like. Now that we might be relocating, $&*% just got real! haha When it's "real" money instead of hypothetical money the decision gets a million times harder. Big questions start to come into play and all of them are about the "what if's" in the future. UGH Who can really plan for that?!?!

    Good Luck.

    I love this post and love both of your dream houses!

  5. I don't know if you have a realtor but I know of a great one! We're looking at renting a house right now and it's stressful enough. I can't imagine buying! I am in LOVE with that second one!! Where is it!?

  6. Ooooh have fun with house hunting...I'm not help in this department, but hopefully will learn from you! Good luck friend!

  7. I recommend Josh....who is helping Whitney (I believe still) He saved us so much time and told us what to look for. There is not way I could have purchased without him. He knew of areas and schools and good vs bad neighborhoods. He is the gem that will help. I promise!!!!! DM and I will give you his digits

  8. Congratulations on the house hunting! My advice would be to tell you what we love about our house and wouldn't give up, and what we don't like about our house and what we wish we had on our "must list": We love having a fenced in yard (for a future pup) and our attached 2 car garage (we never experienced parking in garages while living with our parents). We wish we considered storage more. We thought "Well there is only two of us, we don't need that much space or storage". Wrong. We would pay anything for a pantry, a basement and some double sinks in the bathroom! Good luck! You should share your wish list and house hunting! It will be like an episode of house hunters! :o)

  9. I have no advice becasue frankly all houses here in CA are over priced for what they have inside. I'm talking $525k for the Brady Bunch house!! NOT KIDDING!!! just keep looking and put offers in is what I have heard. and don't say no to fixer uppers becasuse things can be fixed...except the if the whole house needs complete reno and the idiot owners want 525k!!

  10. My hubby & I bought our first house last year and the process was so overwhelming! I walked into every potential house and tried to envision having my daughters' birthday parties there. I know it sounds dumb, but the ability to entertain was a major priority for us. Buying a house will be stressful, but it's definitely worth it when they hand those keys over to you. Good luck!

    -- Emily @

  11. This is a candidly good argument. In my opinion, its position sets the difference. When you're in the actual moment, the pressure of finding the substantial house, if not perfect, heightens. You become more critical with the details. Another thing is that you're allowed to see both the exterior and interior. I can only say that when you're checking out a house, erase all the decorations in your mind and focus on the structure itself. Then you'd start seeing more of its potential. :) -->Armandina

  12. That’s certainly frustrating! A house that is beautiful outside but never inside! I wouldn’t think that house could be sold easily once the buyer look into it in person. Well, house hunting isn't easy in person, but it’s much better than doing it online because you won’t have the same feeling of frustration at all; what you see is what you get. I suggest, you find a realtor first and let him do the work for you. Then, all you have to do is go to the house to see it.
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