Sunday, August 10, 2014

9 months.

I can't believe I almost have a ONE YEAR OLD! Only a few months left...

Age: 9 months

Stats: 17.5 pounds

Clothes: 6-9 months, more 9 months now

Diapers:  Size 3 

Hair Color & Eye Color: I still have a blonde haired, blue eyed baby boy!

Eating: This poor baby just can't catch a break! A few days before I left Indiana, my dad and I made eggs for breakfast. In a lapse of judgement, I gave a little to Colt. BAD IDEA. Poor baby broke out in hives and nearly had his throat swell shut! After a rush to the ER and nights of Zyrtec, we have decided not to feed him anything but the fruits & veggies we know he tolerates until we talk to our Pedi about seeing an Allergist. 
This was not even 2 minutes after the hives started. It ended up being 10x worse than this and ALL over his body!

Sleeping: This little boy has cut SIX teeth since we have been in Indiana, so his sleep is all off! Ever since we got home from Indy, he's been *almost* back to his nightly routine of sleeping through the night again. He's only gotten up a handful of times in the week and a half since we have been back. Also, whenever he wakes up in the morning, he loves playing with his paci's in his crib. He can finally entertain himself so Mommy & Daddy get a little more sleep in the mornings (when we don't have to get up for work of course...)

Favorite Activities/Things: He loves exploring ANYTHING! And constantly puts everything he finds in his mouth! He still loves being outside & going on walks (although, we were totally spoiled in Indiana with awesome weather - it's far too hot most days/nights here in Texas now!) He also loves playing with his teething keys, petting his puppy sisters, and banging anything together! He also likes to sit in his high chair and tease Lola by leaning over the side of the high chair with his cracker and when Lola tries to jump up to get the cracker, he pulls back and laughs. He's already a silly and mischievous little boy!

Favorite Words: He now says "dadadadada" all the time!

Least Favorite Activities/Things: Same as before - he hates being sleepy and turns into a monster when he needs a nap or bedtime! He also still hates being cold, changing his clothes & getting his diaper changed - Mommy's started to hate changing time too because this kid rolls EVVVERYWHERE & it's so hard to get him to sit still long enough to change his diaper! He also is having some separation anxiety and hates when people leave the room!

Favorite Moment: This month he has been SOO fun and his little personality has been shining through!! He can finally sit by himself and has been getting up on all fours attempting to crawl. He likes to do the "plank" every day. He army crawls and has been crawling a little more in the past two weeks, but still doesn't do it consistently. He also loves to CLAP!!!

Least Favorite Moment: Leaving Indiana and my Dad! Also, he went back to Daycare a few days after we got home because this momma went back to work (staff development and I am back on contract this week! BOO!)

Other Milestones: Clapping all the time. He can go from laying down to sitting up. He arm crawls and has crawled a few times (but of course, everything is on Colt's timeframe - which I'm okay with! He will do things at his own pace!) He also loves reaching out for mommy to pick him up!

No idea why his shirt looks so bright?!?


  1. Gets cuter and cuter each month.

  2. He is so sweet! That hair and those eyes!!!

  3. It's so fun to see how him and Addi are progressing so similarly! She'll be 9 months on the 25th and she's doing a lot of the stuff he's done, but hasn't quite mastered crawling yet. She also likes to keep things in her own time!
    What an adorable little man you have!

  4. Aww poor baby! But he is just such a sweet boy! Look at those eyes!

  5. Oh no! Poor baby! I only gave mya fruits n veggies until she was 1....hahaha I didn't experiment with much until after 1...haha Now she eats anything!