Saturday, December 12, 2015

One too many Mai Tai's

That time we drank all the strawberry daiquiris in the whole resort, made them run out of tequila gift baskets, and drank enough Mai Tai's to last us the rest of our lives. 12 days after the death of my mom, my family and I boarded a plane to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for my Biggy's wedding. A crazy, drunken, and family filled week of wedding shenanigans is just what we all needed. Although our mom was never far from our minds, we all managed to have a great time, just like she would have wanted.

Happy Anniversary & Cheers to 2 years Michael and Karina!

Rehearsal Dinner
Rehearsal Dinner
Galligan & Benetiz Family

Pre-Wedding Fun
Morning of the wedding
Before the ceremony
The boys before the ceremony
Sissy & Biggy <3
The Wedding Ceremony 

All the guests!

The Reception

Mother/Son dance with my Biggy. Emotional is an understatement.
Mother/Son dance with my Biggy. Emotional is an understatement. 

Cigar bars are soo much cooler than candy bars!

Matchu rolling his cigar
Galligan Trio. Love my sibs!
It's not a true wedding until Scruggs takes his shirt off.

The After Party

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