Thursday, August 2, 2012

"It's Ok, Thursday" & Biebtastic mentions

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It's OK...

... to order three more bubble necklaces off of eBay (I blame you, Darby @ Life with the Hawleys for my obsession)

... to already be excited for the H-Town blog meet up on August 12 (and to already love so many of those girls!) 

... to want to hang up a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) poster of Justin Bieber in my classroom

... to be devastated over the K Stew & R Patz scandal (waaaah!)

... to not be all into the Olympics like most people

... to give myself a budget and break it (hey, I just needed those three two new pairs of shoes, I swear! I mean, i'll get back on track AFTER I buy new school clothes, okay? Don't judge me)  

... to be stressed out from work even though it hasn't REALLY started yet

... to go to bed at 3 am and sleep until the afternoon rolls around

... to buy another 100 books at Half Price Books yesterday (whoops. I told you I needed an intervention, where were you girls yesterday when I was shopping? If I throw the receipt away, does that mean it doesn't count?)

Biebs came out with a new video yesterday ;)

And of course I bought the CD the day it came out & I know all the words. Not pathetic at all.


  1. UH oh....I've given you an addiction!!! If it makes you feel better, I just ordered 3 more too!

  2. I can't decide if I want one of those bubble necklaces or not! Maybe I should try just one! Also me and budgets dot go together at all!

  3. I never stay on budget! I know my usband hates it...but I LOVE shopping! Lol

  4. I won't get on your case until after back to school! :) I want more bubble necklaces too!

  5. Bah--I'm so annoyed at KStew! It makes me so upset that she did that to Rob...for over a YEAR! What a hus! I feel so bad for him for how she lead him on like that, letting him look at engagement rings. I seriously don't know what it's going to be like at the BDP2 premiere--AWKWARD!

  6. I always love these "It's ok" items! Yesterday I bought Nike sneakers, just to wear them in the weekend... is that okay?

  7. I was way frustrated with the whole Kristen & Rob situation! I mean, WTF! I hate to admit it, but I feel like when I go to Breaking Dawn Part 2 the whole time I'm just going to want to jump from my seat and punch Kristen in her lymph nodes.

  8. I totally feel you on not staying within budget! I always try to decide if something is a "want" or a "need" but there's such a grey area with shoes and accessories, ESPECIALLY if they're on sale/clearance or just a good deal! You're totally justified though to deal with the pre-work stress! haha! ;) Love your blog!! xoxo

  9. I'm pretty annoyed with the whole Kristen & Rob thing. Like she obviously didn't know how good she had it.. Now i'm wondering how its going to be when November rolls around. Like am I going to enjoy twilight less?

    The whole justin beiber thing - hilarious.

  10. I've been dying for a bubble necklace (or 3), and I think I'm actually going to buy one this weekend! I have always given myself a budget, but who am I kidding? I never stick to it for long, because I LOVE shopping! And the Kristin/Rob thing? She sucks and Rob can do better.

  11. Bummed I won't see you at the meet-up on Sunday. :-( Miss you!