Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August Beauty Favorites! :)

I am currently jamming out to Justin Bieber Pandora & yes it is my favorite station and yes it is the bomb diggity (I mean would you expect any different from me??) And I just tried to be fancy and take "cool" pictures of my favorite beauty products that I have purchased in the last month (it doesn't nearly look as cool as the rest of ya'll's - is that a word? I know ya'll is already plural... And since when have I said ya'll anyways? Whatever, this Reading/Writing teacher is out of commission right now  pictures.) Was that a run on sentence? I'm sure you're surely not judging me by my grammar, right?


Let me start off with the fact that I am a TOTAL sucker for anything. I literally can be coerced into buying ANYTHING BY ANYONE. It's really pretty awful actually. I purchased this deep conditioner from the hair dresser LAST YEAR (Which let me just tell you that this haircut in itself was $120. And then I got suckered into buying $100 worth of products. To say the least, hubs was not a happy camper.)

I was actually pretty pleased with this conditioner, even if it did mean that I couldn't eat for about a week. I was then on a search for something just as great without the hefty price tag... Which leads me to...

My August Favorites!!!

I think the hair God's were shining down on me when this deep conditioner was made. I am OBSESSED and when I say obsessed I mean I would marry this conditioner if it was legal (sorry V!) I purchased mine off eBay since I saw this on various blogs and wasn't sure how I felt about the price. But, I will purchase and re-purchase until the day I die. I can't even put into words how SILKY, SMOOTH, SHINEY, HEALTHY and AMAZING my hair feels/looks after using this. THIS IS A MUST PURCHASE, especially if you blow dry/straighten/curl your hair often. You can thank me later. (Have any of you girls ever tried this before?)

Love Sebastian products since I purchased some detangler at Marshall's a year or so ago. I love the mousse when I wear my hair natural (wavy) My hair is SO thick and this doesn't weigh it down and it doesn't make it "crunchy" or "wet" (hate both of those looks!) I don't need to use much and it still keeps me frizz free WITH my style staying in place! I use the thermal shine spray right before I straighten my hair and it makes it so smooth and helps protect against the heat of my straightner, as well as putting a great shine to my hair!

My new makeup obsession! I finally caved and shelled out the money for the Naked Palette at Sephora and it was SO worth the money! The colors are really pigmented and browns/golds are my favorite color's to wear. Perfect "lighter" golds for work and wonderful "darker" colors in brown to transition to night time and the black/grey help to make a perfect smokey eye!

I saw this on a beauty bloggers blog and I couldn't wait to try it! I finally picked two up when Walgreens had a buy one get one 50% off and I love how it is not thick like normal lipsticks and doesn't chap my lips up! It goes on smooth and I love the look of these balms with gloss over it! 

I can't get enough of this lip balm. I purchased it after seeing it on someone's Instagram! Now I can't go anywhere without it! I love the way it doesn't get all over the cap and it makes my lips feel silky smooth! I know it will come in handy once it starts to get cold because my lips get soo chapped!

What products did you buy in August that you loved? I'm always looking for new favorites (because I'm such a sucker, remember?)


  1. I am obsessed with both my Naked Pallet and my lip butter!
    GREAT picks my dear!

  2. You had me a 'naked.' I'm all about a natural makeup look!! I'll have to check into the products you posted!!

  3. the repair mask sounds great! :) and i can't believe i still haven't gotten an eos lip balm!

    <3, Mimi
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  4. I love the naked palette the colors are gorgeous! EOS is the best it makes my lips amazingly soft, i love the mint one! I am going to have to try the macadamia deep conditioned i just died my hair so it could definitely use it.